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I sometimes go into Dollar General specifically because of a "coupon" they have on receipts from week to week. Most of the time it's for $5 off a purchase of $20 or $25, so I have at times taken advantage of it.

It's the ONLY way I go into any of their stores. Most, especially the one in my town, are filthy and in disrepair, with floors rarely being swept, mopped, or waxed and with product on shelves that is sometime dusty and unkempt. Don't get me started on the melted candy bars they have in the summer because their air conditioning rarely works very well. This past weekend, I took one of those "coupons" into the store to get $5 off a $20 purchase.

The only problem was the fine print on the coupon (which I didn't read because it was so small and the coupon looked EXACTLY like those I used almost every week). When I got to the checker, she ran everything through and took the coupon. It didn't go through, but she was going to keep it anyway as if it had. Noticing the $5 did not subtract from the total, I asked her what was going on.

Another checker beside her asked, "Did you read the fine print?" That's when it was explained that this week's coupon was for the purchase of Dollar General brand cleaning supplies, not for the overall purchase. I fumed at that point. For one, DG cleaning supplies are GARBAGE. Cleaners tend to be watered down and many have a terrible odor (not the "fresh clean" scent they claim to have) and the paper towels are as thin as some Kleenex.

I avoid their brand because of the lack of quality, so why would I buy $20 worth of garbage from them? I would rather burn a $20 bill than take that *** home. There was nothing they were willing to do. I've been a customer...though a reluctant one...for YEARS and they just pass me on.

I should have left the products in the cart and just left. At any rate, I will opt to drive 25 miles to Wal-Mart from now on. I don't care if it's to get a roll of paper towels or laundry detergent...Wal-Mart is less expensive on many brands anyway and I have never had a coupon issue with them. So, GOODBYE Dollar General.

To be honest, I'm happy that I will never step foot into your nasty stores again. I'm also happy that I won't have to be offended by the disgusting BO one of your employees has because he apparently can't find time to bathe.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Coupons.

I didn't like: Gimmicks, Poor customer service, Filthy store.

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I see someone finally located their thesaurus. Nicely done.

As far as discussing genitalia, I am not sure what to make of that. Freud had some theories, but I prefer to stick to the subject matter at hand. I am focusing on your idiocy at the checkout line. You are focusing on...phalluses?

Well, to each their own. This is the 21st century and such. I agree that your initial post was accurate in that you failed to read. The presentation is irrelevant.

Just because you became complacent and lacked situational awareness doesn't mean that insidious business practices were afoot. When soldiers in my unit lacked situational awareness, they lost their lives. When you lacked situational awareness you got to squawk online about being out $5. Thanks for your kind permission to continue commenting.

If that remotely mattered, I would probably be less sarcastic about it, but I'll give you another free protip. (It doesn't.) Your third, and albeit pedantic, failure to read would be noticing that my username is DontBeATwit. That's precisely the advice I am trying to give you, in simplest terms. It helps the exceptionally proficient simpletons understand from time to time.

I noticed you were located in Arkansas so I tried to type as slowly as possible as to avoid confusion. Alarmingly enough, your continued failure to read further affirms my initial position.

Life is good, by the way. Thank you for the well wishes!


Let me get this straight.

You are offended because you couldn't save $5 on a $20 dollar purchase that you failed to actually read? And, you would rather incinerate the same value of currency ($20) than receive product as a gift?

Thereby making your logic, and cognitive dissonance, this:

I will happily spend $20 at a store I hate to save $5 and make my total expenditure $15 at the end of transaction!


I would rather burn, and therefore expend, $20 than take product costing me absolutely NOTHING, costing me $20 upon the offer! This makes you a colossal ***.

Your immune system to education and rational thought is quite remarkable.

to DontBeATwit #1037833

Wow...a Pissed Consumer troll. Must be a DG stooge.

Interesting how hard-up someone must be to sit in anticipation of the next review. As for the review, it's honest and straightforward. I didn't bend any truth nor did I beg for sympathy from the likes of you, so your comment is really quite worthless. This is the culmination of a long history of a store, including corporate headquarters, that has not been attentive to its customers' shopping wishes.

It comes down to a place that runs gimmicks through its receipt coupons, using the SAME design and the same coupons for months before changing that coupon's fine print. Next week's coupon?

It's right back to the regular $5 off. Get a life, Twit...and have a good one.

to PBR #1037838

I was merely pointing out the fallacy of your comment. Again, your principle failure was your inability to read the coupon.

When you engage in this mystical new thing called "thought" and apply qualitative reasoning, you tend to get surprised less at the checkout line in a story you ostensibly claim to loathe so much. The fact you made a post at all indicates you were looking for some sort of attention on the matter, so I am doing my civic duty to remind you to raise your thought capacity and performance above the qualitative equivalent of the speed limit in most rural areas. Your conjecture on my employment status, much like the remainder of your initial complaint, is incorrect. Dare I say this also stems from your inability to read?

I know I had mentioned that earlier. Try to keep up.

to DontBeATwit #1037843

store * Sorry, was laughing so hard at your pathetic rebuttal that I got a bit carried away.

to DontBeATwit #1037848

Your comments are quite pedantic and seem to be a bit out of line. You can throw terms such as "qualitative reasoning" around with the best of any schoolyard bully, and I'm sure there is some phallic need on your part to continue to do so.

However, once again (do try to allow this to seep into your thick skull) what I have posted is accurate and lacks any attempt to change any portion of it whatsoever in a way that would benefit my complaint. I fully admit not seeing the "fine print" but then I contest the way in which the coupon was presented, as if it were the same as those that came before it. However, please continue to show your ineptitude as you attempt to smear me so that you may give your company the cover it so desperately desires. So, if you're going to be a phallocephaloid, please be one at your best.

Feel free to continue commenting; at least then whatever infantile need you have to go after a stranger will be quenched...but I won't reply again. You're not worth it.

No one with your intellectual spite is worth the time or effort. Once again; have a good life, Twit.

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