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I was at the dollar general in tupelo, Ms 38801on Traceland Drive beside Big Lots and I haved shopped there for 5 years and never Have I have to wait in such long lines the way I have been lately the sad part is the general manager named Mary see her cashier with long lines and doesn't help at all I was there at 345 when this happen and it's the fourth time I have been to this store and it has happen when that manager was on duty. But cashier was very nice and apologize for the wait that will be the only reason I will continue to shop at that store because the nice cashiers.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #666270

Exactly how much shorter would the lines have been if the manager(one more person) had been helping? It wouldn't have made that much difference. If dollar stores have more employees working, the prices go up, and you would complain about that too.

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