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I was just in the Eaton, Oh DG when i made a purchase for $5 & change, gave the cahsier a $20 bill and recieved $4 back in change. When I noticed in the car I went back in & spoke with the cashier.

The manger LISA never apologized, accused me of lying, saying they had cameras. I advised her that I wanted to view the tapes then & she would see the cashier shotred me $10. I requested that they at least count the drawer for my missing $10. She said I had to call back after closing and if she was STILL THERE then they may be alble to return it but i can't prove it.

WTF!! I have never had such RUDE customer service in my life. She never apologized, That's CUSTOMER SERVICE 101 always apologize to the customer for an error or percived error!! This lady was just worried about being right.

I am calling corportate Monday for the way I was treated, the fact is I work for a retail customer based higher end HOme office where customer service reigns. I make that $10 in less than 30 minutes at work, it's not the $10 its the basic premised that she felt I should go out of my way to make sure she doe her job. FYI the coorect response to this LISA is apologize for any inconvience that the situation has caused, actually listen to the customer with out alienating them with accusations even if you think they are wrong. Offer to CALL THE CUSTOMER after you count the drawer.

Offer some type of appeasement, ie small gc or etc. Or to do away with the whole issue you could have offered my $10 back on a gift card and that would have resolved the issue and guaranteed repeat business!!

You are a poor manager & DG should be ashamed to have hired a manager that don't know about customer service. Take a classs at sinclair.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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