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Theirs only maybe one or two girls that are nice thier witch are cashiers. Manager thier is rude and lazy.

talking about the dollar general in lou, ky located off talyor blvd.... managers thier dont do nothing to help the cashiers out when its busy at all to help get ppl checked out! They stand thier and watch looking dumb! One guy manager that works thier has some anger issues he throws items around like hes always pissed!

Why hire someone likehim?? I seen him misstreat hes own employees infront of customers ! Wouldnt be suprised! If yall lost sales bcuz of your crapy manager thier!

Stop hiring the rudest managers! Oh yea and that store stinks all the time! Also yallkeep expired frozen food on your shelves! Smh thats just gross as ***!


Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Instead of wasting time online and worrying about how a store's employees are treated, you should go back to school and learn proper grammar, spelling, etc. However, a store is ran, isn't any of your business, unless you are directly involved in the situation.

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