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I am a frequent customer of the Dollar General in Campbellsburg, Kentucky. (Store 11790) First and foremost, one employee in-particular and the manager both are unprofessional.

I had the unfortunate priviledge of watching both of them speak rudely to a customer and then continue to speak ill of her after she left the store. Yes, people get upset. However, as the manager and employee of the company; you do not publicly speak ill of your customers in front of others. It is distasteful and rude.

You are representatives of the company and you are not representing the company or this particular store in a manner that is decent. The manager spoke in short and exasperated tones with the customer. The employee, (I believe she is called Vanna) spoke to the customer in an extremely rude tone and continued to speak ill of her after she walked out the door. As a consumer, I was disgusted.

It made me wonder if I'm talked about after I leave their store because I shop there quite regularly. I enjoy the convenience of the location and the prices. Generally, the Dollar General stocks the products that I use on a regular basis. I truly enjoy my evening shopping trips to the store.

There are two young women employed there that are always courteous, helpful, and they are always seen working. I believe their names are Bobbie and Savannah. I have not ever walked into the store during the evening and seen either one of them idle. It appears that the women working in the evenings are more pleasant.

Therefore, I've made the decision to shop only in the evenings. After watching the manager and her employee treat a customer inappropriately, I normally would have discontinued my patronage. However, on the whole, I enjoy the Dollar General and the location is convenient. There is also a problem with the way the front of the store is set up.

There is always a shelf or stack of shelves that sit directly in the customer's path as you walk in the door. In addition, I do not ever buy clothes from this store; as the racks are too close together, low to the floor, and the clothes drag the floor and are run over by feet and wheels of carts. I will not pay money for clothes that have dirt, footprints, or wheel marks on them. In my opinion, the manager needs to treat others with more respect.

She needs to direct her employees to do the same. In the aspect of customer service, a lot is lacking. If employees see or hear management speaking ill of others; they will follow suit. It is management's job to create an environment where employees and customers have rapport.

This cannot be done if management lacks customer service skills. I have worked in customer service for over twenty years. There is always going to be a customer or customers that have bad attitudes and so forth. However, it is our responsibility to communicate in an effective way that attempts to calm and retain this customer.

There is an old saying, "The customer is always right." We all know that this is not true. However, as customer service representatives, it is our job to diffuse any irrational situation and make the customer feel as if they have won. It is not an impossible task. If management has effective communication skills; those skills can be transferred to the staff.

Again, if the manager is rude; the associates will too be rude. I felt sorry for the customer that walked out the door. She was not only treated poorly; she was then ridiculed after leaving. It was a poor experience and one that gave a terrible impression.

I will note that this is not the first time I've seen these two particular women behave in a poor fashion. The first time and even the second time, I concluded that everyone has a bad day and that these two ladies may be stressed. However, after seeing this incident play out I felt that the public and Dollar General itself needed to know.

This store needs a communications and customer service overhaul.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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