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A friend of mine went into a Dollar General with a large purse. She was told by the manager that she had to leave it up front. Even though my friend strongly objected to it and said her money, cell phone, etc. was in there and she can't leave it, the manager said it was store policy -- that she can't go into the store if she didn't leave. My friend asked if anything got stolen out of it, would they replace it and the manager said no.

Dollar General does not respect their customers or their customers' things, so there's no reason why customers should respect Dollar General, their rules or their products.

Many customers don't have a car and can't leave large purses and bags in a car because they don't have one. Dollar General should respect this and not ask items to be left up front, unless they're willing to take full responsibility if anything happens to the things, which they don't. This is disrespectful to customers and their things. Dollar General doesn't want their items/products stolen but they don't care if the customer's thngs get stolen. That's wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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You don't need a giant purse to go shopping, we know you pack them full of merchandise and walk!

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