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All this happened at the Parma Ohio location. 5510 Ridge rd.

Incident occurred on Wednesday August 20th 2014. We had just started shopping when my Mother In Law said she needed to go to the bathroom fast. I went to the front of the store and asked to please use the bathroom. The girl told me no and I said my 85 year old Mother in Law has to go now please she said no again.

I asked to talk to the manager and she said she was. She said she made the rule and that was that. We had to leave the store and go home. I did take her back because she wanted to use her 5 dollar off coupon.

But she and my entire (and it's a big family) family will never ever shop a a Dollar General again.

The store wasn't that nice anyway. Parma Family

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Nobody legally has to provide public restrooms, but every DG I have been in has allowed people to use the restroom. The most recent store I worked at had nice bathrooms, but in order to use one you had to ask for a key at the register.

Some of the restrooms are under lock and key for a lot of reasons.

The manager actually does not have the authority to ban the use of a bathroom, only the company does. If he or she really said that they banned the restroom from the public, I'd suggest complaining to DG themselves about this issue.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #866518

It is beginning to appear that DG must hire someone to downgrade these How ANYONE could say it's NOT helpful to know that the DG wouldn't allow an 85 year old woman suffering from incontinence to use the restroom IS BEYOND ME. Certainly age-ism comes to mind.

Murphy, North Carolina, United States #861854

This is not a DG ran website. If you really want your complaint to be heard, email or call the survey number on bottom of receipt. Those comments go all the way through chain of command and ends up on the store managers customer connect score.

Cooperstown, New York, United States #861183

Every DG store that I ever was in had a policy of allowing customers to use the facilities but you had to ask at the front register for a key. It has been this way at eight DG stores covering five states that I have visited so this complaint is bogus as are most complaints on PC these days

to Steve Zarelli Columbia, South Carolina, United States #866519

Why would anyone take the time to enter a bogus complaint?

I suspect this is a DG employee.

I mean, how many ordinary customers have been to EIGHT DG stores in FIVE states, really? ACK!


I had this happen tome at our local Dollar General. It is literally a block from home and I go there all the time.

I have a 4yo little boy, and as every parent knows, even if they go before you leave the house they may just have to go again before you get home. Now usually the Dollar General by my house is friendly and helpful, now. But the first time I went there it was not. My son has to go to the bathroom right when we got to the checkout line.

Now they have a door near the from with an arrowed restroom sign beside it. I tried the door but it was locked. I went to the cashier and explained my son had to go and asked if they could open the door. They cashier then told me they had to get a manager to open it.

They called the manager who came to the front looked at my little boy then said, we don't let customers use the restrooms anymore because they steal from us. I told her that it wasn't me, it was m son, and I would stay in the store if she would please take him back and let him go. She told me that if he had to go so bad I could take him out and find a bush. Well they didn't have any bushes, but I did let him pee in the corner right beside the front door while I told all the customers that were walking by how the manager had refused to let my child use the restroom.

It may have been childish, but public places that have bathrooms should make them available to paying customers Especially children, elderly and pregnant women.

These people in particular may not be able to wait until they are home and often have incontinence issues. It is rude, unkind and poor customer service not to allow them use of the restrooms.

to Anonymous #864182

You are right it is childish and you are teaching your son bad habits. You have no right to be a mother because you are a poor role model.

You even said this was childish yourself. What makes you think being a parent gives you a right to have the rules bent for you only.

to Anonymous Rockford, Illinois, United States #866521

But..but...Steve Zurelli up above said that is is DG POLICY to let the public use the restroom...he says that is so in all EIGHT of the stores he's been to in FIVE different states!

So how can she have been "getting the store to bend its rules" when that WAS the rule according to him....oh never mind.

Another DG employee or weird person...


Bad habits? Bad parenting? Bad role model?

Cheers for asserting herself!

It was not childish at all.

It was telling folks how the store treated its customers. YAY for her!


By law, they are not required to provide bathrooms. I don't know if other DGs provide them as a courtesy, because I have never asked.

I worked at a specialty retail store that also did not provide public restrooms. The 'employees only' unisex bathroom contained stock overflow and employees' personal items. Non-employees were not allowed in the back of the store anyway, due to liability reasons. The few times we made exceptions, a woman about to vomit, a pregnant woman peeing her pants, we regretted it, due to people poo'ing all over the place and items being stolen.

Corporate will be able to state whether their stores are required or not, to provide public restrooms.

If not, a nice large sign advising as to SORRY BUT NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS may be needed for the more fussy customers, such as the one who wrote this letter. Personally speaking, if I were incontinent, I would take protective measures, like the use of adult diapers.


As big as your family is it won't put the store out of business. Do you really think that it will?

You are the one acting like a child, the washrooms are NOT FOR CUSTOMERS. Then again perhaps you don't know this if you cannot tell the difference between a girl and a lady.

There are strict child labor laws and I doubt they hire girls. If anyone should be referred to as "girl" it should be you for your childish behavior.

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #861079

The girl at the front of the store didn't act like any lady I know. It would not have hurt anything to let her use the bathroom.

There were only a few other people in the store.

Instead she just wined How SHE made the rule. She was given a little power and she was sure gonna show us she could be a cruel manager.

to None #861168

Stores have rules that have to be followed. You can bet if they had allowed your mother in law to use the rest room another customer would have seen it and wanted to use the rest room, etc.

Was the rest room located in an area where it would have been safe for your mother in law to be? IF your mother in law is old enough to go shopping, she should know enough to go to the bathroom before leaving home.

to anonymous Parma, Ohio, United States #861172

Not if your in the early stages of altimers . And don't say I shouldn't of took her.

She was so happy to go. I did take her back.

She spent 70 dollars. So don't judge people without all the facts.

to None #864186

Yeah keep calling her a "girl" when it was you acting like a child. I just like how people act like kids and call other people girls. GROW UP being old does not get you preferred treatment.

to Anonymous #866524

Wow..the internet sure brings out the nastiness in people when they can hide behind a computer screen. Amazing that anyone would come to a complaint site and attack the people who mostly have quite legitimate complaints.

Such are most likely children themselves. LOL the comment "grow up" from this person...-.roflmao.

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