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I went into DG#445 in Newport TN just to grab a can of carpet cleaner. (I usually grab a buggy & stoll around & buy things i didnt go in for but found on sale or clearance.

This is my enjoyment. Sad, but true) On my way back to the cleaner I was overcome by the urge to stop on the clearance isle. As i stood there reviewing each of the hundreds of different items my backpack purse became heavy on my shoulder( again i usually have a buggy) so i stood there looking at the merchandise with it dangling in front if me. I am in deep thought looking at this stuff wondering if i have any curent or future use for it, thinking if the price is comparable to otherstores i may have seen it in when all of a sudden a sales clerk comes up and tells me that i CANNOT HAVE AN OUTSIDE BAG IN THE STORE.

WHAT??? I turned around to look at her with a puzzled look on my face and she said to me "DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! I SAID YOU CANT HAVE THAT BAG IN THE STORE? I was confused because why was she telling me I couldnt have my purse in the store?

I tried to explain to her it was my purse but she became increasingly louder & louder telling me it was company policy.

I proceeded to tell her i am a former employee & i am not aware of such a policy. She then tells me it is her mgr. Rules and she is just doin what she is told. I bring to car & upon return notice woman with VERY VERY large purse at check out and question why she wasnt asked to check her bag or leave it outside!

Again she said she was just doing what she was told and again i tell her it is my purse. It is called back pack purse!!! But really that is not the issue, i believe because i eas dangling the backpack and standing there glazing over the merchandise in my ""cleaning clothes" no make up, hair in pony tail, i must have looked like a stereotypical shoplifter. Bad bad bad customer service.

Shame on DG!

I will not return. Hello Family Dollar!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #994927

Purse and bag are two different things. You may consider that your purse but unfortunately everyone else considers that a backpack.

She was following the rules and you got mad.

If anyone is being judgemental its you. Grow up, princess.

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