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Where do I begin??? Orlando threatened me with gun one nite as he THREW the merchandise i bought at me!!

The poor girl working with him alone heard him and looked scared to death!! Told Chenell , and she was just as rude to me as he was!! Marty doesnt like me cuz i shop all the time at this store cuz im close, throws me dirty looks and when she has to ring me up i try to make conversatiuon and she rolls her eyes at me. The other day i was in and all she had was nickles for change and customer wanted differant and marty said "take the mother *** money and get out!" I was appaulled!!!

London and Desire are telling people that know me that i am a DRUG ADDICT and that i STEAL FROM STORE!!!! First i spend ALOT of money in that store and ive paid for EVERYTHING that ive walked out with!! Marty also complained that i brought stuff back to much, im sorry but if im paying for it and it breaks or doesnt work , IM bringing it back! I have brought a few things back without a reciept cuz i misplaced it but that happened maybe 3 times?

Back to London and Desire, concerning the accusations of being a drug addict, just got diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer, so im very hurt by those accusations!! My friend works there with them aand cuz shes friends with me they treat her different and she fears she is going to lose her job and she is a single mother with 3 small children!! There i have just described; discrimination, assult, threats, profanity to customers, judgement should i go on ? I love to shop at dollar store and am a loyal trustworthy customer, i am disguisted in the way I have been treated!!!

I pray that this gets addressed and appropriate measures are taken! I would appreciate a phone call to know that my complaint was read and addressed!

402-720-8180 Thank you for your time and patience, God Bless Miss. Hayden

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Variety and low prices.

I didn't like: Threat, Rudeness, Unprofessionalism of staff, Being treated different.

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You can bet your bottom dollar you are doing something to arouse suspicion and/or to annoy the employees. The employees aren't there to make conversation.

They get paid to serve you, not be friends. Conversation wastes their time and yours. If you want to socialize contact a friend and go for coffee. I really hope you address your poor spelling skills.

There isn't any word spelled "cuz," there should be an apostrophe between the "i" and the "m" in i'm. I think you meant to say you were appalled, not appaulled. There also isn't a word spelled "differant," It should be different. A lot of stores complain if people bring back too many things.

Are you bringing things back that break or don't work, or because you have changed you mind and need the money? It is your word against theirs. You have never brought anything back without a reciept, you might have taken them back without a receipt, but that is your fault and yours alone. You wouldn't lose the receipts if you tacked them on a bulletin board as soon as you get home.

Get organized along with learning how to use proper spelling and punctuation. When you were allegedly threatened with a gun did the person actually have a gun with and if so, was it real gun? There also isn't a word spelled disguisted. I also don't understand why anybody would shop at any dollar store frequently, no matter how close I was to it.

I probably have less income than you do. As far as you having a rare form of skin cancer, that doesn't have anything to do with any of your complaint, you threw that in for sympathy, which you aren't getting any from me. I am 75 and was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in September, for which I'm not doing treatment because the oncologist said the medications that I have been on for years would make the complications to chemo more severe, and in turn make it harder for me to control my other chronic illnesses. Therefore, I discussed it with my kids and adult grandkids, and decided to forego treatment and live a quality life for as long as I have.

So far I feel really good, and don't have any pain, other than old-age related joint pains. As far as your alleged friend being a single mother with three kids, you will never convince me she is supporting them with the income she makes working at Dollar General and no other income. One last thing, this isn't the web site for Dollar General you are on a general complaint site.

You really have to pull up your big girl panties and deal with life, Quit feeling so sorry for yourself.

to Anonymous #988920

Sounds like you might be that employee.

I hope i spell everything right.

I try to use small words

to Anonymous #1000085

I'm not Asking for your sympathy and I'm a English major thank you I was just trying to make this quick and to the point I didn't care about my English grammar I just wanted it made the third customer service skills suck is something needed to be done about it and as a matter of fact I do like to shop at the dollar store as a matter if I'm poor or rich or in between so mind your own F in business at least I'm big enough to put my name down you signed it anonymous go figure..

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