Middle Valley, Tennessee

Whom ever calculates our inventory should be fired , they send so much extra stuff that don't even go on the shelves it's terrible . And the truck drivers that pile all the uboats and rotainers improperly should be trained better.

No one cares anymore about doing the right thing. It's ridiculous and blows my mind how everyone who works at the DG is so unappreciated . If you pay your dedicated and dependable employees better it would be a great place to work . It's sad making 7.25 an hour knowing you are worth a lot more .

But we are not appreciated by the big money makers, no bonuses , no good raise, I can just imagine what DG gets for recycling card board. Why can't that be split in bonuses for employees for each store?

I am worth a lot more than 7.25 an hour just because I sell DG and are good to customers. I love my boss and my co workers on the weekends that's when I work.i really want the corporate office to come off their pedistools and come see how old school the stores are set up its terrible .

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Manassas, Virginia, United States #813006

Welcome to the world of retail. All employees do now a days is work their tails off for nothing.

Wages suck. And so do the hours


It doesn't matter how great an employee you are. The fact that you consider yourself a good employee doesn't mean anything, it depends on how good the employer thinks you are.

The wages that you receive are what the government has set as minimum wage. Some states do have laws that have a higher minimum wage. That being said, most retail businesses/restaurants/fast food places, etc. start their employees out at minimum wage.

Raises depend on how long you have been there and how you perform your job. Be thankful you have a job and quit whining about how mistreated you are on the job. That won't get you anyplace.

One more thing remember if Dollar General raises their wages, the prices will go up.

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