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Update by user Nov 01

Gift card received but no apology.

Update by user Nov 01

I was never called back from the regional manager or district manager or at the least-the store manager. I ended up going to the Orange City, Fl.

store for the gift card. Manager didn't say a word. I don't even know if there is $ on the card. They lost my business & if they treat others who complain the same-well word travels fast.

A lot of us shop for others who cannot shop themselves. Their business is gone too.

Wake up & smell the roses. Walk on shoppers who didn't deserve it & watch out because your job will be at risk.

Original review posted by user Oct 02

1 Cashier does not have ANY customer service skills. She does not care when some price/s ring up wrong, swears, takes Gods' name in vain.

Complaining to DG headquarters made no difference as they kept her on. Happened a 2nd time & asked for a manager & she said she is the manager. I put my complaint in again on the DG phone complain't line. Took a week but I was told to go to that store & see the mgr & I'd get a $25 gift card.

This manager was to call me 1st BUT she never did! I waited 6 days but did not get a call so I called DZg customer svc line & said I am still waiting for the regional mgr to call me.

Evidentially I was told things that were never intentioned to transpire. I bet this young lady is still at their store being rude because clearly she doesn't like her job.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Oct 02.
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They should hire someone who is courteous to replace this employee ASAP!


I agree with you. When someone takes the Lord's name in vain it really makes them come across as being trashy and rude. Also that's breaking one of the ten commandments: Thou Shalt Not Use Thy Lord God' Name In Vain

to WelcomeToAmericaHispImmigrants #1583656

There is no such thing as god or Jesus, it is all fake

to Anonymous #1584717


to WelcomeToAmericaHispImmigrants #1583766

Thank you for your vote of support. This manager, regional & district manager of this Orange City store sided with this management, for shame they don't care if they lost a customer & no apology. EVERY company knows that "You only have 1 chance to make a 1st impression" and "WORD of mouth is your BEST advertisement!" I also shop for others so their $ is spent where I shop & it won't be at $General.


Get over it.


I wasn't offered a apology by the store manager nor check my receipt & make things right that rang up wrong. I asked why she condones this person treating customers unprofessionally & she just said "she is my assistant manager".

That wasn't a professional answer I expected from a store manager. Looking back, if I had the time I would have just returned everything I bought that rang up wrong. Truly this manager does not care what is going on in her store & if told - she still doesn't care. Not a store I will be shopping at again & if the regional manager can't take the time to call me back then it is part of his loss too.

My money is good anywhere & the Dollar Tree & Family Dollar care & are close by as well as Walmart.

DG learn from this. (person who has nothing better to do but criticize me,you weren't there & have no business on anyone's' complaints but your own) grow up.

to PlaintiveGiraffe #1578335

This is a stupid complaint. Not all people are religious *** im an atheist and believe you should take your so called Jesus attitude and shove it up your ***

to Anonymous #1578696

Remove this & block these unwarranted replies.

to Annonymous #1581710

*** off, it’s called freedom of speech and not too mention this is on a public forum


Fishing for a gift card. Tacky.

to Anonymous #1573041

I never asked for anything but my money back owed to me from the overcharges. Gift card was offered to me but not given.,at least not yet.

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