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Dollar general in Daytona Beach, Fl. twice lately when standing in checkout I have been verbally threatened by customers for letting people in line when a new checkout opens and they say they will take the next person, so I let that person go.

The threats were full of vulgar words and promises of bodily harm and the clerks just stand there and ignore it. I contacted the store twice by email and get no reply at all. The customers know the clerks will do nothing and bully the shoppers daily.

Shame on you Dollar General! Don't ignore you customers,and provide a safe place to shop!

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There is no way for a store to receive external Email. Only internal. The DM or customer realtions department etc can receive external email however.


To Mad shopper - you must be kidding right? Do you think that employees of any store can control what other customers in line are saying or doing?

Unless it is something major like a physical confrontation or extremely loud and foul language, one customer has a right to be in the store as much as the next. Many times the cashier cannot even hear what the other customers in line are saying. They are busy concentrating on the customer they are checking out and when the store is full with people talking and kids crying, there is no possible way to hear everything that is being said. As for emails to the store - you cannot email an individual store.

If you sent an email it had to be to corporate. If shopping there makes you feel unsafe then my suggestion is that you quit shopping there.

Quit making your actions the responsibility of everyone else but yourself. It's time for consumers to grow up!


Sorry you were not given a choice but DG does not put refunds back onto cards. It is company policy that it is cash back only.

There is nothing the employees can do about that.

You should be glad that DG has a generous return policy and will take almost anything back within reason - even without a receipt as long as it can be proven that it is an item that DG carries. Be thankful you got your money back instead of complaining about the method in which it was returned.

Lumezzane, Lombardy, Italy #218295

:cry These Dollar store and their managers don't care what happens to the customers they are rude and discouteous. I bought something and had to return it.

The item ws bought with a credit card and without asking me if I needed cash back the manager instead of crediting back to the card gave me back the cash. He was very rude when I suggested that he didn't ask me first before doing this..and commented he didn't have to because this is a dollar store..horrible people they employ...

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