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I just stood in line at store number #14186 in Kinston N.C. for almost 15 minutes for just a bottle of water and a pack of cigarettes.

Getting the cigarettes was a very annoying and embarrassing moment. How are you going to ask me for ID at the age of 55?! SERIOUSLY?? And what happens when your husband drove so you did not bring your drivers license?

NOBODY else does this. Most people use discretion. Are these employees that *** *** that they can't make a judgement call?

It would also be nice to have more then one person working. I will NEVER visit that store again!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: If this is policy... It needs CHANGED!.

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Why the heck would stores need to card people who are clearly over the age of 17? When will common sense prevail?


Clearly with your childish name calling you are not 55 so stop pretending that you are. It was not your husband that drove you to the store it was your father, and you tried to be sneaky and get cigarettes when he was not looking.


I provided military ID and the ignorant "manager" would not accept. Corporate said she should have.

This manager was intolerable. When when her son rushed me and threatened me for disputing, she banned me from store.

She was trying to get her thug son to shoot me!This store is in Winterville, NC. This is not good.


Hi, ex DG employee here.

Dollar General Corp. requires that all people who are purchasing tobacco products produce a valid ID when doing so.

It's not that the employees are too *** to tell if you're 18 or over or not (though some might be) it's that if they don't card you they lose their job.

That just happened to me. I had no idea that I had to card EVERYONE who walked through the door-I was told I did NOT have to...and as a result I am now unemployed.

Trust me, most people working at DG are just as fed up about the store's 'logic' as you are.

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