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Iam well above 30 years of age to buy cigarettes or alchol in the state of alabama but your store in Lillian Al still wants to see my ID I will go to the other stores in Fl or here in Lillian to do my business.Just glad they opened cashsavers right over the bridge in Pensacola. I will no longer shop this store or any of your other stores anywhere. Please tell your employyes to use their common sense and embaress people who are well above the legal age to buy things from your employees that are always a revoling door at this store!!!!

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Your policy is ridiculous when it comes to people buying cigarettes what alcohol when I was just told that anyone under the age of 99 gets carded what type of business are y'all running


Do what I did! Just don't buy cigarettes from these incompetent people.

If a person is obviously 40 or older then there is no reason to hound that person for an I.D. It is pretty obvious to me that Dollar General does not hire people that they think they can trust to do their job so they take it out on the customer.


Also, grown ups crying over being ID’d. Seriously, folks.

Grow. Up. Stop whining and show your freaking ID. No one is stealing your info.

Half the time we don’t even look at the date. It’s a show for the cameras.

When y’all say you’ll shop somewhere else, for say good riddance. If you’re giving me and my co workers a hard time over something they have no control over, you’re not welcomed, nor are you missed.

to Anonymous #1488684

When your ID is scanned the information is absolutely saved and forwarded and then used in marketing later on so saying that you are not saving anyone's information may be correct but the company is absolutely saving it and it is not a choice to the customer when it should be

to James #1511829

Dg does not scan id’s nor do they save customers info nor do they sell it, get your facts straight and by the way don’t harass the employees for following store policy if they don’t they will be fired do u want to be responsible for making someone loose their job probably not


So why not just take your ID with you and save yourself the headache? Oh right...

then you couldn’t complain. THe good stores actually enforce it. Sounds like you’re getting mad at the people that are doing their jobs.

If the other stores are not, they should be reported to corporate. In this day and age I have to wonder why the heck people still don’t bring their IDs with them everywhere they go.


I'm a keyholder (lower management) at a Dollar General in Alabama and I can tell you that company policy is to check all IDs every time no matter what. Some cashiers are looser with the rules than others but in general if a employee is caught selling with no ID check they are fired.As far as basing it on what a person looks like, you can't go by that. I've had numerous crackheads come in who look to be in their 50's or so but when I check the ID I see they are actually in their 20's.


Why not ask for an ID to prove you are a citizen? Oh wait, that invades your rights. Dollar General would have to make a public apology and probably forced out of business for being racist


Why does one Dollar General ask for your ID and another one doesn't?That's what *** me off.I am 60 years old and sometimes I don't grab my purse when I just need to get a few things.So to be ID isn't what bothers me the most, but what does is when you go to your local Dollar Store and you know the cashier's by name and still get ID every damn time you go!!!Come on! It's just ridiculous!And if you're going to in force a policy, then in force it to all stores!!!I can go to the Dollar General a few miles further and not once have I been ID!!!


It is company policy, don't blame the cashier. It's not that difficult to show your ID

to Anonymous #1470995

Then all stores should in force that policy!


To everyone who says that the employees are stupid, ignorant, what have you, don’t have any control over their stores policy. I work for a gas station in NY, and I can tell you this:an ID is required for any alcohol, tobacco, and e cig purchase.

For my specific company, There is no way to hand type for my company, the ID must be scanned. There is no way to bypass this.NY state law states anyone who looks under a certain age (I believe 40s) is required to show an ID. Past that, it is the stores discretion. But it MUST BE a valid state issued ID.

An expired ID is not a legal form of identification. If you are pulled over with an expired license, you are ticketed and not permitted to continue driving. It is the same for purchasing alcohol and tobacco products. Not valid, no dice.Now I have had DG employees who recognize me or realize that I am over 21, solely ask for my date of birth, they do not require it.Employees CAN ave terminated by their company for failure to follow the company policy.

I don’t think anyone is going to risk going to jail for not carding (AGAIN IN SOME STATES LEGALLY YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SHOW A VALID STATE ISSED PHOTO IDENTIFICATION) , or (in the off chance that someone uses another/false ID) not protect themselves for liability reasons.These are a combination of your state laws and the company policy. If it bothers you so much, go to the mom and pop shops that have never been busted and had to pay out 10k for a fine to the store, a separate 10k for a fine to the employee, loss of employment, and jail time. Big name company’s have paid those fines, have fired employees for their abuses of the policies and laws, and have had employees serve jail time.

(Whether the person is of age or not)A couple bag eggs in the past ruined your ability to not show photo ID when making purchases. Don’t take that *** out on current employees that have nothing to do with current policies.I always say “I just work here, I don’t make the policies”

to Anonymous #1470997

Then in force the policy in all stores! One Dollar General store will ID you and the next don't.So *** what you said!


Sadly now even Walmart cards all people now they used to only card under 40


First of all, like every other store on the planet, that sells cigs, or Alcohol if you look under 40 you will get carded, Carding a 85 year old women, is an invasion of her privacy. This policy, is costing DG customers, and everyone who supports the card everyone policy, or valid id, it doesn't matter if it's expired or not, it still has all the criteria needed, a State issued photo form of Identification, it shows the D.O.B.

they are not renting a car, or buying insurance for God's sake......... This policy can only have been brought into existence due to a failure to use common sense in the first place, I mean lets get real, the same cashier, who has carded you before, or knows you, is just plain stupid


*** on dollar General an their "carding everyone" to buy certain items.


Why do Duncanville dg card 68 yr old for bic lighters. How stupid.

Clerk sourly said co policy. What a twerp

to Disgusted #1442200

You're 68 years old but on a website complaining, how childish can you be...How about you stop complaining and just bring an ID... Granny

to Worker of DG DUNCAVILLE TX #1483280

My wife is 56 - in a small town - Valley Center KS - where she was born and raised and lived most all her life - and was asked for her date of birth when buying a bic lighter and some glass cleaner - was told they need the date of birth for the lighter - while her bank debit card was in the machine - no way - talk about an easy way to steal your identity!!! For a bic lighter purchase???? Well she left both items and went to Walmart - no privacy invasion there and goodbye Dollar General - how many customers will you lose before you wise up with this *** policy?

to Worker of DG DUNCAVILLE TX #1558072

DG Worker Duncaville TX, why don't u act like a worker and not be so might live to see 68

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