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Iam well above 30 years of age to buy cigarettes or alchol in the state of alabama but your store in Lillian Al still wants to see my ID I will go to the other stores in Fl or here in Lillian to do my business.Just glad they opened cashsavers right over the bridge in Pensacola. I will no longer shop this store or any of your other stores anywhere. Please tell your employyes to use their common sense and embaress people who are well above the legal age to buy things from your employees that are always a revoling door at this store!!!!


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Lmao. Salty folks don’t like being ID’d. Get over it and be an adult and carry an ID with you.


It is company policy for workers to ID. If they don't ID then they most likely will get terminated. Most workers would like to keep their job so they will ID you, no matter if you appear to be over the legal age.


required by law to check id 110 or 18 you always need id for cigs and beer

to Anonymous #1418517

Cite the law.


The law requires ID check for Alchol and cigerets


Its their job.The states does sting operations to catch people who aren't checking ID cards.

In 2010 Dollar General made it mandatory to check everyone ID's no matter how old they looked. Because too many employees were failing these sting operations and causing huge fines for the Company. No one deserves to risk losing their job in which they so dearly need. Because you are embarrass of your age.

Get over it.Heck you need to stop smoking anyway its very unhealthy.


After reading 151 comments - here it is in a nutshell.The {{REDACTED}} at Dollar General Corporate lie to their employees and tell them that "IT IS THE LAW" to check every single customer for cigarette purchases whether the person is 17 or 117.

Dollar General Corporate wants their cashiers to check ALL ID's and threaten them with job loss if they don't, so the sheeple follow their masters and do their bidding never questioning why they are carding 50 year olds - just to keep a miserable $7.25 job.

THE LAW - incidentally - is that you check IDs of people who look 30 or below.And a good number of customers say that it isn't the LAW - it's a f'up coporate policy that drives business elsewhere.

Bottom line - don't shop at Dollar General for cigarettes (honestly anything because a company who utilizes fear tactics on employees is just despicable) if you don't want harassed for your ID because come *** or high water the cashier is going to keep that minimum wage job and *** you off.


I worked there too...once.

Regardless of age they are required to ID you. If not then that associate loses his or her job.

I was literally told by clearly an older gentleman to kiss his *** when I asked for an ID.Also they only look at your DOB to type in the computer anything else it doesn't matter.

to OceanFall #1408953

Federal Law requires an ID check IF you appear to be 27 yrs or younger.I don't mind showing the ID.

What I do mind is that they record my birth date. There is no law that requires them to record any information about me.

If you hand over your ID to anyone, How do you really know what they are jotting down.

What they are doing is only by company policy.I just don't buy cigarettes at Dollar General because of this policy, but don't tell me it's the's not

to Anonymous #1421586

Thats what pissed me being told it was Ariz state I said no itd she argued...the ignorantance of stating false info pissed me off not the fact of being carded an I am she was rude..youre not worth my job....its the class they dont have an disrespect to their elders an hour ghly talk loud to embaress customer

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