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Iam well above 30 years of age to buy cigarettes or alchol in the state of alabama but your store in Lillian Al still wants to see my ID I will go to the other stores in Fl or here in Lillian to do my business.Just glad they opened cashsavers right over the bridge in Pensacola. I will no longer shop this store or any of your other stores anywhere. Please tell your employyes to use their common sense and embaress people who are well above the legal age to buy things from your employees that are always a revoling door at this store!!!!

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I worked there too...once.

Regardless of age they are required to ID you. If not then that associate loses his or her job.

I was literally told by clearly an older gentleman to kiss his *** when I asked for an ID.Also they only look at your DOB to type in the computer anything else it doesn't matter.


If you look under 45, they have to card you. Why is that such an issue? I'm 27 and always carry my id when buying alcohol.


Yeh I work at Dollar general too.I'm not going to jail because I didn't ask to see your card.

I'm not losing my job either because I didn't ask to see your I'd.

If you want to do grown up things like drink and smoke, then be a adult and show I.d.Its THE LAW!!!!!!


I work for dollar store and its law that customers show I'd or we can't sale. We face jail time if we do

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to GIJoe #1379476

Shutup, Joe isn't lying.I work at DG too.

They send it secret shopper to do sting operations.It's in our training.

to DG employee #1384539

Do they also send in lawyers to document the violation of the 4th amendment rights of US citizens?I was told the license number, expiration date and birth date was put in the computer.

Further, my license was seized by a dollar general clerk, snatched right out of my hand.Dollar general doesn't do this any longer where I shop.


I found this policy appalling.I was required to hand over my license to a clerk at the Dollar General.

I don't have to physically hand over my license to a police officer in the State of Alabama. I asked what information was going into their computer. I was told by a clerk at the Dollar General, your license number, expiration date and birthday go into their computers. This was unacceptable.

I pursued this all the way to the regional manager, at which point, after much discussion, I informed them that the Attorney General of Alabama might have a problem with Dollar General putting all of this information into their computers. What is Dollar General doing with this information, selling it? What if Dollar General computers are hacked, I'm sure we've all heard of identity theft.

The Dollar General store I shop at now does not require me to turn over my license, I put my thumb on the expiration date and license number, and, for now, Dollar General is satisfied that my picture, birthdate and being physically in their presence is enough to purchase a pack of cigarettes.By the way, I'm 68 years old.

to Eileen Burke #1371328

I work at dollar general and the only thing entered is birthdate there is no request for other information in Texas. You are only required to show if that has a birthdate on it and I as an employee am not required to take your I'd on to see it and validate age requirement. Sorry you have had that problem maybe it is an ill informed employee.

to Lifesjourney63 #1371603

The district and regional manager thought it was ok, in fact, the district manager suggested I purchase my cigarettes some place else.

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