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I worked at Dollar General 38 to 25 South Highway 27 Somerset Kentucky 42501 .In the years I worked hard and done exactly as I was asked to do .I become a key holder and was very reliable on my times. This Year 2016 they employed a new member of our staff Lori Holland .I cannot understand how this person got a job with Dollar General .

One night while we were coming to a close of business one of the check out people started to cash up and get ready to finish working .

I was just about to finish stocking some shelves when Lori Holland started to tell me off for telling the check out person to cash up and get ready to end there time on the till .I explained to Lori Holland I had given NO instructions for any one to close there till and cash up .Lori Holland by this time had raised her voice and called me a " liar" to my face . Let me explain I have been bought up never to lie as it is wrong ,any one who knows me will tell you I never lie .I was VERY upset at this out burst and when the store closed I sat in my car and cried my eyes out . That Night I could not sleep properly and my husband was furious that I was so upset .The Next Morning I took the security keys in and left them with the day shift . I never got a call from any of the staff to see how I was .

A few weeks passed and a very wealthy gentleman who I know came round my house. He asked me what was happening as he had not seen me in the store at all for weeks and when he asked Lori she replied " oh Kelly has been sacked for theft " . My friend had to help me to my seat I was in shock .When I managed to talk I felt so angry for all the times I had helped Dollar General out of some BIG problems yet they never even phoned me .

As for Theft how could any one say such a thing .I have NEVER been a thief in my life . date of this letter 08/25/2016

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Location of your store.

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Granton, Scotland, United Kingdom #1204592

Has any one had problems like this with Dollar general .Is there any way I can get a apology from them for there BAD comments made against me .or do I take it to legal levels .

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