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Re: Bobby Grissom I was recently BANNED from the Dollar General daily from 3:00PM till Closing in Hollis, Oklahoma because I got upset over the treatment I received from the emploee that got me banned. I told her I was taking pain medication and she stated that she didn't believe people needed pain medication a lot of times they just get it to get high and that I didn't look like I needed pain medicine.I told her that she had no right to judge me and left the store. Two days later I come back and I am banned and she has the police escort me out of the store!! all because she purposely made me angry.

I cause no problems and offered no resistance at all. The officer even said that it seemed unusual to him for me to be banned just during her shift like that.

What it is actually over is that I accused a friend of hers of trying to steal $10 from me and she came over and stated that she saw her hand me the money and that I had the money on me. Then it turned out that the money was under the counter for some strange reason and she turned out to be a liar. She was so embarrassed that now she doesn't even want to meet eyes with me and if I ask her a question about something I get a very rude answer. So I more or less got banned because she got caught in a lie.

The ordeal about the money missing was over a month ago and was never fully investigated by the manager here at Hollis. The girl in question stated that she gave me my change when she only gave me a receipt and after I said I was not leaving until she gave me my change ($10) she suddenly found it under the counter while my head was turn. She said, "I wasn't really trying to steal it, you have your money back now so lets just blow it off and leave it where it is OK?" I I told her no way, I am going to your manager tomorrow about this.

I went to the assistant manager (At the time I thought she was the manager) and told her the story and she said she would check it out. I told her if she would just watch the video we will know what really happened. I talk to the manager a few days later and she said that she talked to the girl and believe her story. I asked her if she used the video and she said no she didn't see any need in it. Of course they were friends and you don't fire friends. If she didn't steal the money then why did she argue with me about it for 5 minutes and then give it up after I threatened to call the cops?

I go in the dollar store almost daily and have since it's been here and I spend approximately $400 a month in there but if this matter isn't straightened out I will start going to Altus and spend my money at Walmart.

This matter should have been settled long ago but the assistant manager didn't want to ruffle any feathers.

If it was me I would want to know if one of my employees tried to steal my money from a customer whether she's a friend or not.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Un-ban me and Fire the disgruntled employee!.

I liked: Some of the prices, Customer service and staff.

I didn't like: Management, Service, Employees customer relations, Poor consumer relations.

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