I went in the store to purchas the Capri Sun Juices, that was on the Kraft Promotion buy 3 Kraft items get $2 off instantly. I purchased 24 of them and I handed the cashier/store manager (Rosie) 12 coupons that were for .55 cent off of yhe purchase of 2 Capri Sun juices which were priced a $1 each. After the promo and my coupons were taken off my total was $2.67. I told the cashier/manager that my total was incorrect. She stated that they have the old system and she has to Manually Key in my coupons. I told her I understand. But it shouldn't matter the total is not accurate. So she claims she was gonna go to the back to call Corporate. As she proceeded back to the front of the store she hands me .55 cents. She didnt apologies for being rude, did explain why I was only supposed to get back. 55 cents. I asked her to refund the whole transaction and start over. She told me she could do that. I had went to a store that was just 20 minutes away from the other one I bought 30 of the juices for ONLY $1.89. My question is why was I charged more for 24 Capri Sun than for 30 Capri Sun? Here is my transaction #10755 01 4292 the time was 14:54 the store is located on 10925 Homstead Rd Houston Texas. I would really appreciate if someone contacts me asap on why I was treated so bad by a part of you management team.


Roshonda Alfread


Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #672889

Sounds like you were trying to double dip. Shame on you, you shouldn't have tried to use coupons on a $2.00 off three items deal to begin with.

I sure as heck wouldn't complain getting that many Capri Sun for the amount that you did. But then on the other hand I won't spend my money on things like that.

to anonymous #675179

exactly ppl aren't doing anything but buying a bunch of junk food to keep them selves even sicker u never see coupons on fresh produce or herbs only the *** but hey if they advertise $2 off she should get it off but dollar general is hard on their employees and they could get in trouble for over riding

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