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I worked at dollar general in louis urge nc for 3 months only. I was the key holder now I wasn't fully trained for cashier or even key holder I had to learn everything on my own that's not right.

I went to work and was doing my normal thing stocking shelves working hard and than the DM and the loss prevention guy come in there I didn't think anything of it except to do my job as I was doing. A few minutes go by and they call me in the office I'm thinking to myself ok they want to talk mayb they were gonna offer me a promotion hahaha yes funny that's what I thought but instead I go in there an was talking to the loss prevention guy he starts talking about the business and asking me how long I been there I said 3 months and he said no you only been here 2 I was like whatever than he pulls up the computer and shows me my activity and what I have been doing at the register all the items I wrang up everything I said ok than he shows me something else and I told him I have no idea what this is and truly I didn't know I mean I didn't even know everything about the register and other things I was still learning myself. But he says this is an order you wrang up and there are items on here that are .15 cents .63 cents and so on and he says we don't sell anything in this store for that price I still didn't know what was going on or what he was talking about I said to him mayb its from the markdown key cause when u markdown items you don't know what the price is gonna be and than he tried saying I know what u did u have a heart and felt bad for the person and marked the price down for them at first I said no but than I was like ok so I wrote a statement saying everything he said cause he told me what to write down I signed it than he calls the DM in and tells her everything and I'm still ruin to figure everything out so he tells her she was very honest and truthful and complying she has a big heart and has 3 kids and a family. So she goes I'm sorry but we are gonna have to terminate your employment FOR NOW!!!!

Idk what that mean but don't care cause that place was filthy bugs and dust everywhere and the manager did not do what she was suppose to do very bad manager. The assistant manager complained about one specific cashier who she didn't like she kept saying she wishes she would quit already and all because she was supposibly calling her to much to help now that's your job what are you suppose to do please someone help me I need answers I did nothing wrong to get fired I wasn't even there long and didn't even get trained if anyone should be fired it should o been the manager and the assistant!!!

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I worked at General Dollar for almost 2 years in Ky.

When I started they threw me my keys and put me on a register to get familiar i guess.

They showed me a few things and they never told me or trauned me on my manager job (key holder). I eventually dove in and did my job and I did it well. I rocked it. Oh....

yeah I have been doing this type of work for 17 years. Mostly gas stations though. Anyway.... all us girls got along an had a good time while working.

&while we were working putting stuff away we (they would) would grab *** to eat and pay later. Even the store manager would do this. Ok so one day my DM is there calls me into the office and on the phone he was like making up a big store as examples of stuff. Then tryed to tell me that I was skimming (eating stuff while working and not paying for it) & believe me when I got things I paid for them.

So of course I told them every thing told them we all did it. And that why I did to because I thought it was ok.... no one told me we couldn't and it was policy. No training especially at a job I have never done before.

They want my to guess how much I had ate and *** I tool ( but i didn't take anything or steal) I had to give them $100 to get off me about it. And I was terminated. No one else was.

I still think it's bull ***. Excuse me English.


Management well its alive ....just not smart sometimes. Training is usally non existing most of the time.


I went through the same thing except i got fired because i was standing in line to purchase my soda and i took one drink and then paid for my drink. they said that i was grazing which if people know the defintion it does not mean purchasing an item after you open it.

i also filled out a statement because i was told to and he also told me what to put on my statement. i know for future when asked to sign any papers i will just deny and say no because if you sign anything the court system will agree with the company before they take your word even if they have proof from the cameras.

Oneonta, New York, United States #970330

Hi my name is Brandon Sheldon. I work at the Marion, Kentucky Dollar General.

Anyways. A about a week or so ago I sold a gentleman tobacco products without asking for his ID. He told me he didn't have it on him.

So, instead of telling him I couldn't sell the product to him, I over looked it and sold it to him anyway. Can that get me fired?

to ***cerned employee 94 West Lafayette, Indiana, United States #1012228

yes that can most definitely get you fired. because not only are you selling tobacco without an ID.

But that is against the law.

you could face jail time for that. depending on what state you live in.


For now, does not mean forever. I think that means, he would hire you back later on. But, they way you are going on, and complaining about your transgressions, means he won't....

Huntersville, North Carolina, United States #775568

The LP want me to make a full confession. I have been ringing up items for 15 cents which cost $5 and then asking my sister to buy them.

Then I have taken them home and paid her back so I would not have to buy them at full price. LP is telling them that if I make a full confession they will drop the charges.

They told me just because I am angry about being fired does not mean I can post lies about them online. I should be only angry at myself for doing wrong not at them for doing their job catching me, so this review is now recalled.


No, I do work at Dollar general.. for the time being, probably not in the near future for how they're treating my managers, they are great friends of mine, and I've known them all for over 5 years, which is how i got the job, but there are items that do sell for .15, and .63 cent, I've rang up alot of them, even items that we call: "Pennied Out" meaning they only ring up for a penny.

But, when recent events such as Christmas, and Winter clothing becoming out of season, everything in my store is ringing up for less than a dollar, some toys that are 12 dollars, are ringing up for 3 or less.

The only time a price is over-ridden is if it's damaged, or someone leaves a sales ad up and the costumer was buying the item strictly because it was on sale. So, what ever the LP Agent told you, is completely and utter ***.

Cumberland, North Carolina, United States #774769

It is obvious what happened, you tried to sell items to you friends for 15 cents and 63 cents ect and did not think you were going to get caught. You did and are angry about that.

Even if you were innocent why should they believe you. You already lied about how long you have been working there. Your whole "Whatever" attitude makes you sound like a teenager.

Your spelling and grammar is terrible. Why would you expect a promotion.

to Anonymous #1164970

you must me a DM or an LP or an RM to make a comment like that

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