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after i paid for my purchase , the guard walk over and ask the cashier did i pay for all of my stuff ,when she told him yes i offer to show him my receipt he decline and said no need.when me and my boyfriend got down the street he ran out the store and accuse us of not paying for all of my stuff i was the *** *** off i asked for my money back which was44.88 and the manager confirm everything we brought was paid for even after i ask that *** *** did he want to see my receipt.i will never ever shop in dollar general ever again and i will let everybody no what happen to me!i felt so low being accuse of stealing and everyone in line was mad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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It is partly true that the Sale does change over in the evening (around 7pm ) for the NEW sale -- to that may be why she said that - sounds like she was not explained correctly. However, the sale ending should ring past closing time ( I believe its update when EOD is run).

A Cashier does not have the ability or authorization to perform such transactions (as price modifiies). It was only recently they updated the registers to allow for voiding of the last item.

All that aside - they did not handle the situation well and should have apolozied and correct the price either during the transaction or performed a refund and correct the price that way




Trying using proper English you incompetent *** and maybe people would understand what you're saying.

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