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hi my name is Jennifer Metzger .. At the port orange dollar general closer by Madilyn and mcdonalds.

The other night I had lost my headphones when I was at the dollar general. I told the cashier Josh I didn't find them I thought they weren't there. unexpectedly after he was done serving everyone at the register he found them. I thought I lost them outside.

But there in the building the whole time. He was so nice for caring those were 30 bucks. Really expensive. You hire really thought full people who care.

I wish we had nicer people like that in port orange. he was really nice for thinking about caring like that. most cashiers don't but he does. Hes tall with black hair hes white.

Hes a really good employee.... So thankful and blessed he found them.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Staff helps all they can.

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