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I used to be a regular customer of "Dollar Joe" as I will reference Dollar General Stores in this review. I become increasingly Pissed Off at the way they would follow me around the store to make sure that I wasn't going to rip anything off.

I don't like to leave my backpack at the front of the store, because then someone could rip it off and i often have valuable stuff that I have purchased from other stores inside. I don't think that Dollar Joe is representative of a Dollar Store. I think that they are representative of a store that is disrespectful of it's regular customers, and I think that the atmosphere of their stores is gross and icky. I used to a Homeless Person who lived out in the bush and under bridges.

i was not your "General homeless" person who is all stinky and rude and filthy, but I was always very clean and would shower at a campground everyday that I would pay for and I would do my laundry every single day and was always clean and smelled great and never acted rude to anyone, not like rude Dollar Joe Employees. Everyone would tell me that I didn't look like I was homeless, and that the only thing that gave me away was the bedroll that I was carrying around with me and my backpack. Dollar joe employees treat me like I am there to steal, simply because I am wearing a backpack. The backpack is so that I can easily carry all of the crap that I am planning to buy from their stores in.

I think that these Dollar joe emplyees that treat me like that I am there to steal are acting more like General Homeless Employees, because their behavior and attitudes stink and they are rude and their stores are icky and filthy. So, once again, i tell you, I Ain't goin' Back to yo Sto No Mo, Dollar joe!

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People wear backpacks into stores or bring really big purses so they can steal. I've been in management in retail for over 25 years and big purses and back packs put us on alert every single time we see them come into the store.

I've seen people steal the backpack so they can load it up full of stuff they've stolen.

In most cities, a business had the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and don't have to tell you why. Honestly, if you come into my store and don't leave your backpack at the front, then you are asked to leave.

to Anonymous #1584863

I've read about people who have gone into stores and filled up an entire shopping cart with groceries and then just walk out of the store like they had paid for everything. They just walk out of the store acting normally and they don't draw any suspicion and make off with all of their goods.

That's why it is good to have a store greeter like they used to have at Wal-Mart, because that stops people from doing things like that.

They could steal a whole shopping cart full of cases of beer or other stuff that isn't usually bagged and they just leave with it. I met a gentleman who said that he did that all the time, that he would usually get 8 12 packs of beer, put them in a shopping cart, and then just roll his merrily way out of the store and no one would ever stop or question him.




I think that the rude 'Anonymous" person who keeps leaving mean and offensive comments on this site must be one of those homeless people who doesn't have a filter and just says the first rude thing that comes to their mind. I think that this "Anonymous" person is a gutless coward, and that they need to stop being disrespectful saying stuff like Veterans don't deserve special treatment.

I bet that this "Anonymous" person is filthy and unwashed as well. How rude.


One of the 10 commandments is "Thou Shalt Not Steal" and another one "Thalt Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor" And that is what Dollar General employees are doing when they are accusing customers of stealing. What's to stop someone that's waring a $5,000 suit from stuffing stuff into their pockets and stealing something from Dollar General.

What makes someone with a backpack on so suspect?

Why do they have time to follow customers around making sure they don't steal, but they don't have time to clean us the filthy floors? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


You Do realize that non-homeless employees at Any business can have attitudes that stink as well... correct?

to Anonymous #1581818

I guess that I shouldn't have brought along any kind of backpack with me. It just makes everything so much easier to carry when it is on your back.

It baffles me that they will tail you around the store watching you like a hawk when you have a backpack on, but then other times you go into their store and you go up to the register and there is no one in sight. You have to go looking for someone to check you out. They don't seem to realize that someone could just go in there, notice that there aren't any employees around, and just grab some stuff and leave. I have heard tale of people doing just that before.

And also I am not particularly fond of Dollar General stores anyway, so it is no big whoop that I am no longer shopping there. Since the Wal-Mart moved in to town, I can find everything that I was getting before at Dollar general for around the same or lower price at Wal-mart and while I know that they are probably watching me from the eye in the sky, I really don't care because it is not like somebody actually following you around to make sure that you don't rip anything off.

to AintGoinBackToYoStoAnyMoDollarJoe #1586019

You should go to college and further your education, then you will be able to afford a car to go grocery shopping in, and then you want have to wear a back-pack anymore.

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