W. Water Street Store In West Elmira

I've shopped at this store as a "regular" since it opened a couple years ago. I've noticed a slow deterioration of management and staff in respects to customer service to the point where I do not feel welcomed or appreciated. The turnover is high and most employees have big chips on there shoulders. Actually, I was informed by management that when shopping, I will need to have certain people work the register because a certain clerk does not like my attitude!?

Lets call it reverse discrimination and bigotry at it's best. No respect or gratitude. They are doing me a favor by helping me.

The lot is so dimly lit (zoning rules) that you can barely navigate at night and quess as a cost cutting measure they will not salt the lot and it is now a sheet of ice. I took a good spill the other night and tore up my wrist.

Not worth it folks, there are other places to shop including Dollar Generals that are well managed in my area. I'll not darken their doorway again

Just Saying

Eric Robinson

Elmira. NY

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