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Cashier wouldn't let me buy items that i had once she scanned and they were a penny. I then took a picture of the items she wouldn't let me purchase.

She proceeds to YELL at me for taking pictures in the store? Then told me she would show policy next time I came in. I told her no need I will call corporate... I will not allow someone to yell at me, I am an adult.

I had my 10 year old son with me and he was terrified because she follows me out of the store and watches us until we leave, writing down our tag number.

This all happens AFTER we walked into the store and hear here arguing with a customer and then when he left her and another employee were talking about how stupid this man is and everything else. This is NOT business like!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've had this happen. Once in a while an item I'm purchasing will ring up as a penny.

It's not a pricing error, it's an item that should have been taken off the shelves, packed away, and sent to wherever DG sends discontinued items. Items being discontinued are taken off the shelves and priced at $0.01. I'm assuming it must have to do with accounting, store loss, cost of inventory, etc., etc. But, they should have given you the item.

I've never been refused an item that rang up for a cent (unless I had several of the exact same item, then I was told I could only have one), and was happy with that. I read these stories of people being screamed at, or being confronted by cashiers, and can't believe it. I live in an extremely remote area of New Mexico, in a small town that has a DG. The cashiers here treat the customers like old friends.

I guess living in an area like mine, where the cashier most likely knows half the people walking through the doors, makes all the difference.

They know me by name, and can even tell whether I'm having a good or bad day. I couldn't deal with cashiers like you have expressed, wish you could experience the difference here.


It’s funny. They will come in and have us scan their items and if it doesn’t ring a penny we have to void it and then they will be like, “it was a penny at the other store”.

Then corporate will get upset wondering why we have so many voids. Had one yesterday do it.

It’s customers like that and Id iot couponers that make our jobs miserable and put us in a bad mood. You want good customer service, be a good customer.


Did I say I was a penny shopper?? I can't help that she didn't do her job and remove the items she needed to.

My kid wanted the *** cupcakes so we were getting them.. to my knowledge they were about $3.

Btw, I own a business.

But kudos to those who penny shop or coupon or whatever to save money! I don't give a *** if your rich, saving money as always good in my book.


Penny shoppers are the worst. They spend all day on websites chatting about what items have pennied out and then visit several stores looking for the items.

They horde lots of these items and then resell them for profit. I just wanna say one thing to these people......"Get a real job and pay full price for items and stop tearing these stores apart looking for pennied out items".

When the stores do the right thing and send pennied out items back to the distribution center, the company sends those items to charities for disadvantaged people. When you tear the store up looking for pennied out items, you are taking from the poor and homeless people that could really benefit from the items.


Penny shoppers. Ugh


They get into severe trouble if they sell penny items so quit being a ***{{REDACTED}}

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