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one of your employes in enuice new mexico.her name is carrie sherry faulkner.she is a very mean daughter lost her husband in a car wreck 5 months daughter is daughter was trying to sell a freezer for 200.00. the meat was good i no i bought and it vacumed sealed.your employee.mrs faulkner went on my daughter facebook page took the pictures of my son inlaws urn and posted all over facebook.making fun of it and my daughter.mrs faulkner told everybody that meat was rotten.told every body my daughter was a daughter is going through a whole lot.her whole has change losing her husband.your so called cold hearted employee has hurt my family .i will make sure that everyone knows about the people your steal pictures of someone husbands urn and to make fun of it.what and would she feel if that was name is linda phone number 5753903604.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: disrespectful.

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You need to think before you post. If you are in the slightest wrong and Faulker decides to take you to court - she might own everything you have and will ever have. Think a bit more before spouting off on the internet.


what the h*** does this story have to do w/Dollar General

an empl of Dollar General personal life has nothing to do w/her employer

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