The Dollar General on Feagan Mill Rd in Warner Robins GA has been dripping water in the back of the store for about a year now. There are garbage cans to catch the water in the aisle blocking entrance to enter the aisle.

I'm assuming this has been reported all this time!!! Now there is a new leak in the front of the store with a garbage can catching water. Also the air conditioning in the store has been out for about 2 months now. The candy is melting and the store has a smell probably from a mixture of heat, water and food spoiling giving off a strange order.

Also there are spider webs all over the store!!!

I only have one question!!! Are you trying to run customers away from your store???

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Decatur, Georgia, United States #860268

These are all things easily corrected using the stores e-respond ticket system. The Landlord is responsible for repairs, but if an untrained manager is running the store, they may not know how to follow up on these e tickets.I would suggest calling the survey number on bottom of the reciept and complain.

First Born Triplet

If all this is true and you are not making it up because you were fired, report it to the health inspector.


As far as repairs go, more than likely it is the owner of the building that is responsible for making them, and for one reason or another isn't doing so. When it comes to the cobwebs, it would depend on the location of them, whether or not an employee can get to them. Being you don't like the store quit going there.

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