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was in dollar general yesterday and had 2 take several breaks by sitting on my walker b4 even getting 2 the first a aille.. store was slow with customers and told 2 staff I was having a hard time that it would take me awhile and they never asked if they could do something 2 help me and y dont they have a wheelchair 4 customers that need it can use dollar stores do FED UP usually a customer asks if I need help at least once and I thank them and turn it down but I would of taken help from anyone

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Your handicap is your legs not your mouth, why not speak up and ask for help instead of thinking they can read minds. All you said it would take you a long time, you never asked for help. Get your own wheelchair if you need one.


Sounds like you need to shop online from now on.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #702555

You had a walker you could sit on to rest, why would you need a wheel chair provided for you? If you need a wheel chair get one.

What did you expect the staff to do for you? Get an item for you while you sat in one spot, and then if it wasn't what you wanted, put it back and get another item for you, etc. I have seen all kinds of physically handicapped people doing the best they can while shopping. Businesses aren't required to furnish wheel chairs, etc.

for their customers, they do it as a courtesy. If they did have a wheel chair for customers, somebody else MIGHT have got to it before you did. You have to learn how to do the best you can with your ability.

Before you posted your complaint you really should have proof read it. But two errors that I found right off hand is there is no such word as "2" and there is no such word as "b4." Doing things like that is pure laziness.

to anonymous #876229

There is no problem with them getting items that she cannot get to and putting them back, there is no problem with them helping her out, as I said the issue is she is not asking for help. She expects them to read her mind.

Her handicap is with her legs not her mouth, so she should have simply said, please can you get this down for me, please can you get that down for me ect.

Or sorry I don't want this can you please put it back. Some handicapped people think they are entitled to help and are not required to say please and thank you.

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