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When I opened a can of Clover Valley cream of mushroom soup to add to my dish I noticed a dark clump with hair fibers attached to it. It looked like part of an animal or a hairy wart.

I called the 100% happy guaranteed # on the can and was told someone would contact me in 24hrs. He didn't seem to care that we are all gagging from discuss. This item was purchased at a local Dollar General store.

Never again will I purchase this brand or shop at The Dollar General. This is Nasty and is not accepted!

Reason of review: Hairy clump.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Clover Valley has an abysmal track record. It's reasonable to not want disgusting hair in your canned goods.

There is a problem with your complaint though. And, it calls into question the legitimacy of your complaint. Do you take pictures of every can you open? Because, it's beyond odd that you have a picture of questions just opened can with no visible hair.

Normally, when people discover stuff in canned goods, they've already dumped the product into a bowl or pot.

Since nothing's visible on th err surface, how did you know there was hair in this just opened can in photo #1? It would also be tough to argue that you put the soup back in the can because the rim is still perfectly clean (if you've attempted to put anything like this in another container, you know it takes effort and there's always *** on the rim of tg e can/container where you scrape your utensil to remove the excess.


Why don't you do us all a favor and choke on that thing and die already. I wish entitled dumbasses like you would *** drop of the face of the earth. You people *** me off to no end and I sincerely hope you get your *** beat to a bloody pulp you *** piece of garbage.

to Anonymous #1144735

Wtf . What does that have to do with anyone being so called entitled?

Apparently from your comment, she should be delighted to get a hairball in her can of soup. I'm trying to see the logic in your statement. Common sense seemed to go out the window in your case. If you're a paying customer its your right as well as responsibility to stand up for yourself as well as warn others.

Otherwise...you just want to be jacked around. So buzz off.


The word is DISGUST. Dollar General did not make or package the product, they sell it.

Why are you blaming them? You can get bad product at every store in the universe.

to LadyScot Gurnee, Illinois, United States #1142731

How much is you're employer [Dollar General] paying you, to defend them , to keep defending they're ignorance? Some day they may show they're appreciation, but if things go sour, you can cry in you're beer. After all, you're all about yourself , right?

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