I do not understand why you would put sale prices on your items in advance and then be rude to customers that try to purchase the item. The item I tried to buy had a huge font for the dollar amount.

The cashier informed me that she would have to charge me the full price. I stated "I am confused, it says it is on sale" She said the sale did not start yet and I can not give you that price. I said if there is a sale sign on it the law says you have to sell it for that. the rude manager stated "the date is clear" a size 4 font is not "clear" I understand trying to put signs on the night before, perhaps a few minutes before closing, but an hour before closing?

I did not ever think that I would have to "read the date on the sign" thinking, "I better look, this sale might not be for a month or so" I love Dollar General, however I left there and went to Walmart. I purchase several times a week from Dollar General due to the fact of its location in Greenwood, AR.

I own a business and shop there a lot, but after that experience I will make the track to Walmart. I would never treat my customers that way!

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I'm 52 years old and I understand the need to card people buying tobacco products, but common sense should be the rule of thumb! My son is 17 n does not get carded at the Allentown PA dollar general!


There is no such law that says you have to sell it at the price tag. Google it.

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Employees have more to do the last hour before closing than putting sale signs out. It is all a case of buyer beware.

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