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I visit Dollar General almost daily since it conveniently located near my home. I have always been pleased with the variety in the store and service.

However, today I visited the same local Dollar General to purchase a birthday card and Gift Card for my daughter. I chose a $50 Bed Bath and Beyond card her gift. As the cashier rang up my order i asked if i could get a receipt for the $50 card. Not only could i not get a gift receipt but i could not even read the receipt for any of my order.

I spent $66.77 dollars and had no receipt ! Needless to say, i am very upset. The manager told me there is no way to print a duplicate receipt. He also told since the card has been activated he couldn't help me.

Who buys a $50 gift card and doesn't get a receipt? I have no activation pin number and no proof of purchase except a smudged, Illegible receipt. How do I know the card is even active?

I am very upset. I do not plan to stop at this location again at 2514 Smoky Park Highway, Candler, NC 28715

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Sounds like OP is trying to scam Dollar General


Dg does not offer gift receipts


The balance can be obtained from the 800 number on the back if the card and the receipt can be reprinted from a register option at the register. Unfortunately the printers are not working correctly so I would recommend using a different printer at one of the other registers. Hope that helps.

to Anonymous #1496959

You are wrong. Receipts cannot was reprinted.

Never could. It’s a flaw with the system they’ve had since forever. What I’m not understanding is OP said she couldn’t get a “gift receipt” but couldn’t read what was on the receipt.

So which is it? Sounds like you got a receipt to me.

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