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I have recently left Dollar General in Wichita Kansas store 5877. I have emailed, called and begged for them to help me.

My ex manager Tina Simmons has excused me of stealing from this company. She constantly harrasses, and bullys other employees in front customers. She is telling people that i am a thief, she pays other employees off the clock and pays them from the tills. This company is racist.

They never ever promote african americans. I wish someone high up would help us out. I feel sorry for all the customers that have wrote complaints. If any customers see this please stop shopping there and tell others about your experience.

The only way they will be stopped is when they lose customers. I hope and pray that someday there will be no DG's in this country.

Because none of the people that make 7 million a year care about the employees who are making no more than 8.00 a hour. I have proof and still no one will even call me back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Harrassment, slander, bullying..

Preferred solution: To terminate Tina Simmons and Kent Starks. .

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I don't agree that the company is racist or somehow prejudiced. They're an equal opportunity employer, it is 100 percent unlawful for them to be racist or discriminate against people in any way because of that fact alone.

Please mind that it's the COMPANY that cannot discriminate and not employees or customers. Everyone has a personality and some people's really suck. I'm not white, and it sounds like you're not either and we both worked there. It's not a racist company.

Sounds to me like you are upset about not getting a promotion you wanted so your best comeback to the situation is the race card. Don't do that-it sucks the credibility out of any claims you make.

I worked at DG for over a year. I hated almost every second of it because of how the management treated the employees, especially the low level people. Our DM and RM were awful.

Dollar General is basically a pyramid scheme for its employees.

They DO talk about promoting people all the time but you barely see it happen unfortunately. If you don't come in on top you usually don't go to the top. That is to be expected in most jobs nowadays. I agree that the only way DG can be stopped is if people stop shopping there but a lot of people who shop there are obligate shoppers-they simply have no other place to get groceries at.

I don't think they'll ever be stopped, but continuing to tell people about just what they are as a company may convince some people to reconsider shopping there/call the company out.

I had a manager tell lies about me after leaving my position and it was found out through other employees and other potential employers calling her to get the scoop on me. You'd be surprised at what a little confrontation can do if a manager is telling fibs.

Good luck to you.


You indicate a lot of customers have wrote complaints, but more than likely there are just as many, if not more that have written the company compliments. What do you want them to help you with.

You quit, and most likely you quit because you couldn't get along with anybody. How do you know the manager is telling lies about you when you are no longer there?

You can't go by what other people tell you. To me, you sound like a trouble maker.

to anonymous #864966

I have recorded conversations made that prove she lied not only about me but every other employee there. What do you troll website's and put in your comments.

Oh wait i bet you work there don't you since you know everything *** ***! If your so knowledgeable but your real name and locations so we all know where you are!

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