I worked at the Dollar General in Mansfield Ohio, on W. 4th street in Mansfield Ohio.

I began working at DG with the goal to rise in the company, but lost all hope in the first day. The manager asked for my driver's license and bank information for payroll purposes. She then took my information and left the store, supposedly because the officer computer wasn't working (even though she checked her e-mails while I sat there off the clock before my shift).

She supposedly took my info home, copied it, and emailed it to the payroll department. I never received a check or deposit, I never went back to work after my first two weeks (12 hours and 10 hours)

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Monetary Loss: $170.

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I worked at my DG For just one night and quit cause my Shift Manager and Store manager as well as one of my fellow employees were breaking every rule in the hand book,and then they accused me of taking $20 which I had no idea of untill the following Monday!....I started a Petition against the company,and would like to offer you to sign it!

Link here:https://www.change.org/petitions/the-dollar-general-company-clean-up-or-close-down-their-company

Please feel free to tell all your friends!


Why would she have needed your bank information? When you get hired for a job they ask for license and social security card for the I-9 Form not your bank info? And you can make a complaint with the Attorney General in your state.

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