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I am somewhat responsible for getting this Dollar General into our small community and I'm distraught over the filth of this store. Stock is scattered all over, on the floors, in shopping baskets, and just complete chaotic.

The outside always has clerks standing around smoking; ;while the trash cans are running over and spreading onto the parking areas. The only thing that really looks good about this store now is the trees and grass that is cut weekly and well groomed. We need someone to come into this store and take charge or at least get some employees that want to clean up their work areas.

Please help. This store is located in Polkville, North Carolina

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Facility.

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Decatur, Georgia, United States #860271

on the bottom of every reciept is a survey. Voice your concerns where the company actually gets them


I'm sure there aren't employees standing outside smoking all the time. Stock sitting around waiting to be put on shelves isn't filth.

You are going to have to come up with a better description of filth. Trash cans overflowing in the parking lot isn't the responsibility of the store employees. I would think there would be some kind of contract with a garbage hauler company to empty the trash and I'm also sure it isn't done on a daily basis. How were you somewhat responsible for getting the store into your town, and even if you were the main person in charge of getting it to your town I honestly can't figure out why you would be distraught about how it looks.

I have been in a lot of well known retail businesses that have stock sitting around waiting for somebody to get it put on shelves or racks, whichever the case may be. As far as the employees standing around smoking, they are entitled to breaks and there is no law saying they can't stand outside and smoke while on break.

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