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I've worked for Dollar General twice in my life. The first store I worked at was a nightmare, like most of their stores are. The manager was incompetent and extremely rude, and the store itself was dirty and cluttered all the time. I had one *** of a time getting hours and maintaining a schedule consistent with the 'productivity' charts they wanted filled out,because of at any given moment about 200,000 things would go horribly wrong and there'd be two-three people in the store to fix it myself included. Our manager was also far more concerned with getting out on a break than working in her own store, so asking for help? Not really an option.On top of the chaos, there was an almost complete lack of training for employees in the store. I took the company's training tests and passed them all with flying colors (not that they're hard) but shortly after passing, I was told to disregard a vast majority of the policies taught to me in the videos because they apparently were only suggestions. This is not according to me, but to my manager. After quitting my job due to a move and a lot of unneeded stress, I found myself hired back into the company at a different location. This location I liked quite a bit. It was clean, a nice location, probably the nicest DG in the state. The management was competent and the other employees were much friendlier and happier-probably because they weren't constantly being bullied/degraded. DG managers are notorious for being jackwagons. However, I was not retrained at all and brought my misinformation from the previous store with me. Some of it was corrected, but a very large part of it was not and I had no idea what I was doing was wrong.I was told at the first store I worked for that we did not have to card EVERY person who came in to buy tobacco, only those who looked under 30. Yes, the video said to card everyone, so I asked management about that, and was told that carding people was only necessary IF the person looked under 30, just like it was with lighters. If they looked over the age of 30, I was instructed to only ask them for their DOB which the computer asked for automatically. If they looked under the age of 30, then and only then was I supposed to ask for their ID.Since my manager and every other employee embraced this policy, I believed them and embraced it too. At that store it caused no problems for me.After moving to the new store, I was terminated pretty quickly for not carding everyone who came in to purchase tobacco. Only those who looked under 30 I asked for their ID. I was totally under the impression that what I was doing was totally acceptable. Keep in mind I was never told what I was doing was wrong-and I was not secretive about doing what I was doing. I never had any intentions of breaking laws or policies. When asked about the issue, I said exactly what I had been told.I know for a fact I never sold to anyone who was underage, because most people I did in fact card and those I did not were old men and women- and I was quite upset and appalled to find out that DG's terrible training was being held against ME as if I had just decided to do things my way.

The manager at the 2nd location was quite sincere, didn't want to fire me, and attempted to go to bat for me with HR, but they weren't having that. Apparently when they have incompetent management it is customary to fire the employee instead of the manager.Needless to say I no longer work at DG and I am also no longer eligible to do so because of my 'violation.' That's actually bittersweet news, since this company is an utter fuckstory to work for. You can ask about anyone who has worked there how working there is, and they'll tell you the same thing. Organization is for the birds apparently.

The company should be quite pleased to know that my termination has resulted in every single employee from the first store I worked at still NOT carding people for most restricted purchases, especially tobacco, and the store I was just released from asking for a DOB for restricted purchases like cough medicine, which I've just learned is a violation of state law here, and company policy-just like what I did unknowingly-only since management is predominately responsible for these sales, it's a safe bet they know better-they're just too lazy to do better. The 'culture' of 'honesty' DG boasts about is nothing to write home about. It's a culture of lies and deception-and ultimately if you get caught in the middle of it you will lose your job at random and without any due process.

Dollar General: Because *** you.

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Columbia City, Indiana, United States #902237

I did not have the right training. At the Columbia City IN store, and shortened on hours i did work but they were not keeping track either cause i trusted managment.

So please contact me as i want to know my options would work again if it was possible really did like management and other employees. was doing well but they would not schedule me and i was suppose to be on call when i had day time transportation.

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