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Dollar General, Falsely Accusing Your Customers Of Being In Your Store To Steal Isn't A Very Neighborly Thing To. You should show your customers respect.

Thank goodness that your store isn't the only place in town to shop at. No other store has ever treated me so rudely as your store has. I think that instead of your employees anonymously posting mean comments on my reviews about me being a thief, that dollar general should post an apology to me, asking me to please give them another chance, to please come back shopping as a regular patron in their stores again. I still wouldn't go back, because I think that their stores are icky.

Your employees should be friendly and Neighborly, like Mr.Rodgers was. They should be glad that I am spending money in their stores. I think that the employee who thought that I was there to steal was missing a few or her marbles. I wasn't there to steal, all I was doing was going in to compare prices before making the final decision to buy something.

Because I am so impoverished that I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best deal. just because someone goes into your store just to look around and compare prices doesn't make them a thief. I think that I deserve an apology from the Dollar General Corporation on behalf of that very rude employee that made me feel so extremely unwelcome shopping in their stores. I used to buy so much stuff from Dollar general, that I had to struggle to get it all home.

I lived out in the middle of nowhere and had to lug all of the groceries and household items I would buy a real long ways home. I sometimes would spend $100 or more a month in their stores. All that that employee did by treating me like i was a thief, was to cause me to stop spending all of the money that I was spending in their stores. i'm still buying the same stuff, only I am buying it all from other stores now.

I am asking for an apology to be posted as a review on this site from the Dollar General Corporation, plus a Dollar, to be donated to Goodwill Industries on my behalf. And I would like to add that I would much rather go shopping for clothing from Goodwill than I would from Dollar General.

I have gotten some really neat stuff there before, stuff that originally was pretty expensive, but was a bargain because it was donated. I Forgive you Dollar General For Falsely Acting Like I Was There To Steal!

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The real people shoplifting make sure that they don't act suspiciously in any way and they dress nicely and they damn sure don't go into the store with any kind of backpack or bags with them. They purchase merchandise and check out of the store, with items expertly concealed on their bodies, or in their purses, never once drawing suspicion. You would never suspect that they were there or had been there to shoplift.

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