I walked into the store, grabbed a basket and promptly proceeded to get TP, faboloso, Gain detergent and a Glade air freshener. I remembered I needed mascara.

While standing there checking a few for one that is "hypoallergenic" in a brush & color preference, I was asked if I needed help. I said "no" found the one I wanted then walked to the front & was asked was I ready to check out. I said "no, not yet" as I decided to sift through the movies for a cheap flick for the evening. I was looking through movies, probably 10 mins or so, a store employee walked by and asked again if I needed help finding something?

I thought this strange because they are NEVER that attentive and because of what I was doing. I was standing at the movies, my basket on the floor, looking through movies, not understanding how someone could pick a movie out for me?? Then I was approached by two police officers who said they wanted to talk to me outside. I was reluctant and asked what they wanted and again the insisted I step outside.

I comply, walk outside where I am informed the employees claim I was putting cosmetics in my purse! I abruptly thrust my purse at the office and say "search it" of coarse, no surprise to me... NOTHING!! I'm humiliated and totally insulted at this point!!!

The officer goes inside to talk to the employees & comes back out and tells me they said I'd been in the store for over an hour. I said "***, I've been in there about 20 mins or so" (I know this for a fact because I was texting my ex-husband prior to and while in the store) then I am informed I would be "allowed" to re-enter the store to purchase my things but that then I must then leave. I told him I had no intention of purchasing them now, but I would like to go in because now I'm furious at the nasty looks I've been getting from the two women at the check out!!! The officer informs me that's not a good idea & it'd be best to just leave.

I said LOUDLY "NO, I want an apology!!!!" Clearly the hateful women heard me because not only do THEY NOT APOLOGIZE, they continue to accuse me!!! I've NEVER been so INSULTED, EMBARRESSED & HUMILIATED in my life!!!! I'm infuriated now and realize I may end up getting arrested after all just NOT FOR SHOPLIFTING!!! So I leave.

I the go to Family Dollar and purchase the same items, go home and proceed to plaster my story all over Facebook and file complaints with Dollar General and any other social media I can!!

I despise THEIVES and LIARS!! To be accused of stealing is incredibly insulting!!!

Reason of review: Falsely accused of shoplifting. NO APOLIGY FOR MISTAKE and HUMILIATING ME!!.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Store clerk, Lack of professionalism, Poor handling of situation by staff.

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