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I purchased a lint brush and deodrant at the Dollar General Store in Warsaw, KY. The lint brush was marked at$3.00 and the Sure Deodrant was marked on sale at $1.70 from $2.15.

When I paid for the items I was charged $4.75 for the lint brush and $2.15 for the deodrant. I showed my receipt to the manager and took him to the items to show him the prices marked. His remarks were that it was $3.00 for a brush with 56 sheets but I purchased a brush with 90 sheets. It was the persons fault that hung up the brush because they put it on the wrong rack.

When I showed him the sign for the deodrant sale, he pulled it down and said again that it was the fault of the workers there. That sale was over in August.

I was unable to verify this because he crumpled up the paper. I feel this store is advertising false and misleading prices and since they wouldn't make it good, I feel it was intentional

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #627735

If a customer had put the lint brush in the wrong spot, that is not the store's fault. Also, you would be amazed how many people can read everything on a sale sign EXCEPT the effective dates. My guess is that you are one of those.

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