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on thanksgiving day i was the third person in line waiting to get a portable dvd player, the doors open and there was 1 dvd player on the shelf after them being advertised as (on sale) so i ask a very rude salesman who seems so unhappy in his job why there was only 1 after the advertisement had said something else and he replied well i guess the employees decided to buy them last night before they went home. now if i am correct were they for the public? i will never set foot in a DG store again

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #627733

So employees aren't allowed to buy from their own store? What planet are you from?

Burlington, Kentucky, United States #580387

When an employee is off the clock they can buy whatever they want. They ARE the public.

Just because they work there doesn't make them any less of a consumer than you. They paid full price for it.


I work for a retail store and anyone doing that would be fired. They've even fired people for hiding items they wanted to buy later.

It's first come first serve to people who do not work at the store.

Another example is contest business run; employees are not allowed to enter and in most cases even direct family members are not allowed to participate. If a higher up in Dollar General found out this happened I'm sure they all would be fired.


Aren't the store employees part of the public?

to Joan Tacoma, Washington, United States #580133

I work retail if there's going to be an item(s) on sale as part of an ad, they are not supposed to display the product til the day the ad starts.

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