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They had a grand opening for the new store on Main Street cadiz ky 42211. A flier was sent out about getting a ten dollar gift card and gift bags to the first 50 people.

It said on the flier that it didn't start until 8 am. We was there early at 7am and they started before 7am. Well anyways we didn't get a gift card or a gift bag and when we ask about it the manager an associate was hateful and smart to us. We spend a lot of money in y'all's store and I have never been treated like that.

We did have a problem when they was across the street before they moved in the new store. It was always messy and they never had anything stocked and when you was in there you would trip over stuff in the isle. We will never go back in that store again if we going to be treated like that again. We're not the only one they got hateful with.

But if the flier said 8 they shouldn't of started at 645. They should of started at 8 like it said. They said it was the advertisement was wrong and that some stores open at different times and they said they couldn't do nothing about it real hateful like we weren't a valuable customer. Well I did love the dollar store and we have spent hundreds of dollars in the stores.

When I was able to work I was always taught that you treat your customers right because they are why we have a job. Without the customers we wouldn't have money to pay our employees. We are applaud at how we got treated and I wasn't hateful with them . We treat people the way we want to be treated back and that wasn't right.

Especially for the manager to treat us like that as well as the cashier to do that to. While they was talking to us that way another lady was at the register paying for her stuff and said amen bc she got treated that way too and she is disable to and the store is close to her too and she said she wasn't coming back either. Im sorry for complaining but that wasn't right the flier had there address on it. So they can't blame it on advertisement bc some stores open earlier bc they messed up and was trying to cover it up.

I would of rather them say they made a mistake instead of lying and being hateful and beating around the bush. Thank you, I hope you make it right bc you will lose a lot of customers in this small town.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Advertisement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: One on main street.

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If the advertisement was printed wrong, the fault doesn't lie within the stores or the employees inside it. Believe it or not, not all stores that are in the same chain operate at the same times.

Radio Shack for example, has general hours on its website. In order to find your local store's hours, you have to look up that specific location.

I know for a fact (I'm an ex employee) that DG advertisements are not always accurate for the location(s) they're passed out in. I had people come into the 1st DG I worked at and ask for items we never stocked, but they were in the advert for that week.

It's frustrating to tell the customers (who came all the way out of their way to get something) that you don't have the item and will not be getting it in. They probably feel like you do-a bit screwed out of something. If you REALLY want that gift card, contact the corporate offices.

Don't take the incident out on the store's employees, they have no control over advertisements or what gets put into stores...or the hours. They're told where to go and when to go there and that's it.


You don't have any way of knowing that the employees were lying. Different stores in the same chain do open at different times, just like they all don't stock the same merchandise and have the same prices on the merchandise.

For somebody that is so perfect, apparently you aren't aware that no matter where you live there isn't any such word as "y'all or ever "y'all's." Instead of "applaud" do you mean you were "appalled?" The flier did not have "there" address, it might have had "their" address. Until you know how to spell properly and use proper grammar, quit complaining. I found other errors in your complaint too.

Also the fact that anybody is disabled has nothing to do with any complaint, especially this one, because it doesn't say that aby disabled person was mistreated.

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