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I received my weekly flyer in the mail advertising Dollar General had $2 Bath Towels. I received the flyer on Wednesday and been looking forward to Sunday to purchase this item.

When arriving at the store to purchase, the cashier did not know about the item, she looked at the flyer and then proceeded to find the Bath Towels. She did not see them on the shelf, so she looked in the back. She said the store must not have received them. I tried a different store and the same thing, I called another Dollar General in the area, also the same thing.

The towels were not delivered to any of the stores in my area, yet they are advertising them.

I asked for a rain check on the items and the manager at one of the stores said Dollar General does not do rain checks. I am very disappointed because I was looking forward to making this purchase.

Reason of review: False Advertisement.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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They are not in towel isle.there r set on a christmas endcap.hope this helps.


Look on the back page, at the very bottom where it starts "sale prices effective from October 25-31." It states "all products, styles, and colors shown may not be available in all stores." The same ad came out in GA but all stores in all areas do not carry all advertised merchandise. Hope this helps.

to Anonymous #1053962

Thanks, maybe they should make specific ads for what products are going directly to that store, taking a little time out and going the extra mile sometimes works out better for your company. Customer service should always be number one, good customer service produces more customers which equals more money. Well at least that's my take on things, just seems like common sense when running a business.

to Anonymous #1054004

To pay for that kind of advertising you wouldn't be shopping at Dollar General anymore. No business as widespread as Dollar General could afford that.

If the other commenter could read the fine print then so can you. It has nothing to do with customer service and everything to do with a customer feeling entitled.

to Anonymous #1054075

Wow really ur one of those internet freaks who has no life sitting on the internet talking *** that you are too scared to say to someone's face in real life, otherwise a troll. Troll on with your no life having self, this will be the last response from me.

I definitely do not feel entitled, just disappointed as previously mentioned. Enjoy the rest of your no life and your internet.

By the way there are many complaints against Dollar General who lost a customer and if it keeps this way I'm sure they will lose many more. Goodbye no life.

to Anonymous #1054256

Lol! Nice response!

Big talk about trolls and saying things to people's faces when you yourself. ....remain anonymous. You responded about the specific ads. ***!

Don't post dumb things in a public forum if you don't want a response! Maybe you do need some of those towels to soak up your tears. Oh wait!

They don't sell them at your store!!! Lol!

to Anonymous #1054265

No one is trolling or talking trash, they are simply disagreeing with the OP. They have a good point, if you (whom I suspect is the OP) don't want feed back I suggest you don't post here. You have a lot of growing up to do, just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they have no life.

to Anonymous #1054268

They cannot make a flyer for each and every store, and only post the sale products in 1000 different flyers, that would cost more money for you. You don't know how business works so don't go around giving your advice.

to Anonymous #1054668

Or at least maybe in a particular region. I've had this experience with other companies too, and it is disappointing.

I shop CVS quite a bit and sometimes I miss out on something. The ladies who help me the most have even told me that the CVS stores immediately around me may not all have the same products. Hopefully you can find a great deal at another store.

Don't take offense at some of these responders who just want to stir up ***. You have a right to state your experience.

to Anonymous #1054263

I guess the OP needs mommy or daddy to read that part? That as well explain what false advertising means.

My guess is the stores were expecting a shipment in but did not get anything, that is not false advertising. Should have checked with an adult before posting.

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