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Very Disappointed And Disatisfied!!! I visited store 12662 on 11-01-17.

You are failing to honor manufacturing coupons if they don't scan but in fact they match the product. You have instructed your employees to not manually enter them or override them. This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have heard of. Why would you decide to choose this approach?

Why can't you program your registers to take the coupon as soon as you realize this is happening? I put the items back because you would have caused me as the customer to spend more money than I had budgeted; $16 to be exact. I know for a fact the manufacturer will reimburse you if the coupon is a match. I left Family Dollar to start shopping with your stores because of the customer service and great prices and deals you offered.

Now I spend more money shopping at your stores. That's makes me very upset, disappointed and sad all at the same time. Shopping at your stores has become too frustrating for me. The word is spreading fast about this and I now have my experience to add.

As the business, you must find a way to fix this. Just fix it..........

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $16.

Preferred solution: Gift card for total loss of coupon use..

I didn't like: Very disappointed dissatisfied very upset too frustrating.

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We are not allowed to do much with the coupons anymore we are just doing what we are told so please don’t get angry with us for following our company policy and if you don’t like it then please by all means take your shopping elsewhere.

to Anonymous #1388079

Be rest assured you didn't have to tell me to go somewhere else. That was decided when I walked out of that store.

Despite what you think, I never said in my complaint that I was angry with the employees; Only the company.

In my complaint, I said the company told it's employees not to manually enter or override coupons. Read my compliant again if you like.........I'm almost sure you will read correctly.


If the barcode doesn't scan then the coupon may be fraudulent. Fraudulent coupons cost companies 10's of millions per year in lost revenue.

This causes prices to go up across the board.

Coupon scammers are out hot and heavy during this time of year and retailers need blanket rules to protect themselves from loss. You may not be a coupon scammer, but you still had a coupon that wouldn't scan.

to Anonymous #1388088

I do understand there are fraudulent coupons out there. True my coupon didn't scan, however my coupons came out of the Sunday paper which are manufacture coupons.

Out of all my years of using coupons, the newspapers have never put out fraudulent coupons.

For clarification, I am no coupon scammer. I use coupons from the Sunday paper to avoid going through the stress that comes from using scammed coupons.

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