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Just a few minutes ago I was attempting to go to your store at Stahl and Judson Road. I was met at the door by a woman who said her name was Donna.

She said she was closing the store because she did not feel comfortable not having a manager on duty. There were at least 8 people at the time attempting to shop at Dollar General. All of whom were so dissatisfied, with her tone and rudeness towards them. She further threatened to call the police if everyone did not leave.

Many of your faithful customers were trying to just find out what was really going on. Several reasons for writing this complaint 1 is it truly is the customers should be treated with the upmost respect. Secondly is it co mpany policy that a manager must be on duty for a store to remain open.

This employee named Ana need some serious retraining on her customer service skills and her attitude. My name is Glenn Jackson and my contact phone number is 685-0844 area code 210.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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And, when I do close my store, my customers know better than to complain, for I will never let them back in the store.....


I have had to close my store for various reasons. Such as power failure.

Or even if I think the power is going to go out due to an electrical storm. I will kick everybody out, and shut that place down.

The last thing I need is a dark store, with no cameras, and tons of money and liqueur laying around... In my case, I work alone, at a little store in the middle of nowhere, and a weak power grid locally...


OMG! I really dislike people like you.

That woman had every right to close the store for any reason. And, being alone and vulnerable, and not wanting to be responsible for that store, is her right and privilege. I am sure she got into trouble if she was supposed to run that store alone.

But, you have no right to complain. That was her show, and she did what she had to do to get you chickens out the door!


She told why she was closing the store, what more explanation do you need? It sounds like you were trying to cause problems.

Furthermore, you don't seem to know what you were talking about, first you say the employees name was Donna, then at the end you say it was Ana. What was so rude about her saying she was closing the store and why?

to anonymous #794030

It's against company policy to not have a member of mgmt on duty at all times stores are open. Terminations need to happen at that store for not following policy.

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