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My son's drink a cup of apple juice every night before bed. I went and bought a bottle of apple juice the other night at dollar General since we were out of juice and they were the closest place open.

Anyways after i got the boys ready for bed i went to the kitchen to pour them some apple juice. When I opened it the apple juice exploded all over me and all over my kitchen and then afterwards there was ''smoke'' pouring out of if. Not sure what happened or what caused it but I spend two hours trying to clean up the mess and to make matters worse my kitchen has CARPET so I'm sure you can only imagine what that was like trying to clean. I was told to contact clover valley for compensation or to see what could be done.

This was the only form of contact i could find for them. I have attached pictures with all the numbers on the bottle that I could find.

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True Story. Shame On You Dollar General!



to Anonymous #1499316

Fake? Really?

Why in the *** would i make that up? I have NEVER made a complaint about anything in my life. Thought this was something that should be addressed. You must be a special kind of stupid to go around commenting on people's reviews that you know nothing about.

Get a life and next time don't hide behind an anonymous user name. Have a nice day.

to StableTuatara #1499774

Even if it's truthful, you're wasting your time. You wont get anything out of it. Maybe a refund, but is all of this kicking and screaming really worth $2?

to StableTuatara #1501377

It’s faje why would there be smoke and in any instance it’s not DG’s fault it’s the actual manufacturer so your complaint is with them and not the store itself stupid

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