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Today is June 1, 2014. I purchaed 3 bags of Sweet Smiles Yogurt Covered Pretzels in which 1 bag was chocolate. I begin to eat the Yogurt Pretzels tonight and noticed they tasted dry not very fresh. After looking for an expiration date, I noticed that the date of expiration was in February/2014. I am very distaught and not pleased. This situation is truly a scare. It thinking time...What other products are expired and sold to customers.

Should the community be made aware? I have always enjoyed shopping at Dollar General because it's prices always beat Walmart. After today, I will no longer purchase food items from the Dollar General Store. I trust that as leaders of this Coporation, that proper inspections are made so that this expired food items can be removed from shelves

Unhappy Customer

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Osage, Minnesota, United States #873786

I shop at our local dollar general all the time and have gotten so many foods and other items that were expired! Never complaining or returning the items...

But now that ive been sick for weeks im blaming the sweet tea gallons i bought from dollar general! Expired a month ago! Disgusted!

Last glass had worms in it or raw meat like consistancy and that was my wake up call! I cant even look at ice tea again and my stomach is still a mess!!

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