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Update by user Apr 13, 2016

The comment staring "I have a confession" is obviously not me. Why this person is defending DG in such an odd way is beyond me.

I can only guess that anyone with a defense for DG is a new employee who has yet to experience what it's really like to work there.

I was not fired...I gladly resigned after finding a better job. I wish there was a way to delete this person's comment , however there is not.

Original review posted by user Oct 02, 2014

I worked for DG and have to admit that I wouldn't purchase food from any DG store. The cold items, when being delivered, spend several minutes waiting to be "checked in"...ice cream, milk, eggs, bacon.

If you haven't noticed in these stores, it's typically HOT because the A/C is usually broken. Your perishables will sit in the heat upwards of 25-40 minutes, plus the time it takes for the vendor to stock it. Gross, right? Let's move on to dry goods...crackers, cookies, chips.

These items are sent straight into the stockroom, which is full of rodents and roaches. They will sit in there, stacked on a cart with many other boxes, sometimes with chemicals and poisons. As if the stockroom isn't dirty enough, the sales floor isn't much better. The sales floor is home to hundreds of insects.

Even though packaging may not allow the bugs/rodents to get to the actual food, bugs/rodents still crawl all over the packages you'll be placing in your fridge and cupboards. Overworked and underpaid, quality typically is t a priority of the DG associate...check out the photo of the 5 month out of date box of "Chicken in a Biscuit" purchased today. Truth is, customers are the ones who discover the expired items.

Even after they bring it to the attention of the associates, it's likely they are bombarded with so many tasks it will likely be forgotten and the expired goods will remain on the shelf for you to buy. Should you look past rodent *** next to your box of cookies that likely has insect eggs laid in it, by all means, continue to shop Dollar General!

Reason of review: Gross conditioms.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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i went in to dollar general and got penny items they rang it up and said i cant have them with me DG is a 1 star they riped me off them *** will pay just wait

to elijah #1373983

Call corporate office. They are not allowed to do that.

If it rings up a penny, they have to sell it to you for a penny. It's their fault for not keeping up with the stock. My Mom ran a dg for almost 5 yrs so I know from experience.

And corporate will likely send you coupons as an apology. Of course this is several months later and probably doesn't help you, but if someone else stumbles onto this thread, it may help them out.

Sulphur, Louisiana, United States #1255189

That is all so disgusting it makes me sick to hear all this. Sounds to me like they need to all close down it that's what is happening.

Just made a final decision not to shop there any longer. Very nasty what is happening.


I'm a key at a dollar general. If you have these problems you're obviously doing your job wrong!

to Anonymous #1144278

you'll learn soon enough....my job was done best of my ability in the conditions that the company was, and is aware of in thousands if their stores. good luck with your "key"


Lmfao...What? An honest liar. Haha, don't get many of them nowadays.


I believe your original statement, who at DG got to you to make you change your tune? Just had my teen run to DG for me to get creamer and it expired 10 months ago. She has also purchased food from there to later find out it was expired.

to Anonymous #1144281

no change in tune....the reply made about a "confession" was not me.


People I have a confession to make, I was fired from Dollar General so I posted this to vent my anger. The truth is that we don't get rodents and bugs in the food, and the box on the picture the one that expires in April 2014, I found it in my fridge, the truth is I bought the chicken in January or February of this year.

I made the part about chemicals and poisons in hopes the store will shut down, but I don't want my friends to lose their jobs because of this so I will confess these are lies I made up because they fired me today. I am sorry for all the trouble I caused and I was just too upset to think clearly.

to Anonymous #1069232


to Anonymous #1144284

anyone who has shopped or worked at a dollar general knows that my review of my time there is spot on...and as far you trying to comment as you are the original reviewer, if I wanted to retract my review, id just delete it.

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