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We always shop at Bonne Terre DG store and are now considering else where over the way we were treated today by Kasie,an employee at the bonne terre DG store. After waiting patiently for twenty mins while both store lines were backed up from excessive coupon use,we and several other cash paying customers began to get frustrated for the uncalled for wait.

I seen 10-15 customers put down their items and leave the store angry. After 30mins passed we finally got to the check out after waiting on the employee Kasie to allow the two ladies in line ahead of us to use atleast 100coupons in a row and Kasie even went out of her way for those ladies to run them seperate $25 orders so that they would get a $5 discount on each $25 purchase. Once we finally got our turn to check out i tried explaining that the girls working could of been respectful to the rest of their customers and allowed one line for coupons and one for all other paying customers and thats when Kasie got very rude with us and said first come first served and that's wrong. There should be a limit of coupons if thats the case!

I also feel that customers always right and the employee,Kasie,should of apologized for our wait and been as quick as possibly with the whole deal but instead she smarted off and was very rude and showed no concern in any of her customers except the ladies that were allowed to use way too many coupons at once. Excessive coupons and rude employees will only hurt your buissness in the long run.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Coupon.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #627739

People shop there to save money. If you're in such a rush, maybe you should have paid for their stuff.

Otherwise, get over it. I'm sure you wouldn't want some nobody telling you how to do your job.


Customers always right?? Yeah right!! That is 1 of the stupidest phrases I've ever heard.

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