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I worked at a Dollar General store in Georgia for almost a year and today was the final straw.

I have had many difficulties with the policies for employees.

First problem I had was that a customer was touching me inappropriately and my boss told me there was nothing he or I could do. I had to just let it happen. I went home crying that day.

Second thing was how we had to empty our purse before leaving the store if closing. If you don't trust me then why am I working for you. Also if we had purchased anything, even with a receipt, we could not leave the store with our product. We had to return the next day with our receipt to receive the product. I paid for it so it is mine.

Third, I was out for two weeks on medical leave and he still tried to fire me till I threatened to sue.

Fourth is I am a full time college student. I told him my available times to work and to force me to quite he made it to where I worked 5 hours or less a week. THAT DOESN'T PAY FOR GAS TO DRIVE TO WORK!!

He basically pushed me to quite because he didn't feel like firing me.

Also I've seen him give products away and then accuse his employees of the products that went missing.

I will never again work for your company or shop there.

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Orange, California, United States #795811

He can fire you for making up lies about a customer sexually touching you, just so you know that. He can fire you just for the *** of it.

I seriously doubt you are in college, someone in college probably knows how to spell "quit" Grow up and stop making up lies about your ex boss. You are also lying about going to college because they teach you in the first grade that when you type numbers such as five you spell them out rather than write the number. Also someone in the first grade knows how to spell "quit", You just thought you were special and the rules for the other employees did not apply to you. No wonder he did not want you there.

You already are accusing a customer of sexual touching, you are accusing him of giving products to friend and blaming other employees. Next you could be falsely accusing him of sexual harassment because he disciplined you.

You only want to work when you feel like it, you claim you are in college but you are obviously lying because you don't have basic first grade spelling and grammar down pat. So be honest and tell us the truth that you are just a bad worker, who lies to get innocent people into trouble.


Are you sure you are old enough to be in college. Your whining complaint sounds more like you are in elementary school.

Where exactly in the store were you when the customer allegedly touched you inappropriately? I find that really hard to believe and if it did happen, you more than likely led him/her on. Even so, was it anything that a mature person would go home crying about? If there were other people in the immediate area, you could have told the person to stop that in a loud voice.

After the alleged incident happened what did you expect the boss to do? If he had seen it happen that would have been a completely different matter. By the time you reported it the customer had probably left the store. I don't believe anything you said in your third paragraph.

Your fourth paragraph, if you can only work certain hours, you can't expect to get a lot hours in. Did you by any chance offer to work all weekend, every weekend?

I also don't think he gave things away and then blamed employees.

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #795814

First of all I think she is making it up about the sexual touching. If this were true she would have made a scene, most likely she was giving poor customer service and the customer complained so she made up *** about sexual touching.

She is also blaming him for giving stuff away and blaming employees, if this were the case other people would complain.

I doubt she is even in college because she does not know how to spell "quit" and she does not know that in a proper review that "five" should be spelled out. I doubt she is even old enough to work legally and the real reason that she was forced to quit was because her boss found out that she six years old and lied about her age just to get a job.

to kevin richards Greenwood, Arkansas, United States #800173

Wow, you are SO funny...and cute, in the "look at me, I'm a retarded dipstick" sort of way. I'm guessing that you just might be "biased"...perhaps professionally?

Listen--"sucking up" is just a catch phrase. It doesn't mean you are actually supposed to be doing the sucking. But, that would be an expected error for someone that is both cynically without empathy to others, and who's narcissistic urges most probably lead to stained mirrors and a sore wrist.

Grab a new box of tissue and run along...let the adults talk. :p

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