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I was at the Dollar General in Pinehurst Texas On 1774 on Thursday 03-26-2015 I alway's walk around to see what's new in the store befor i make my purchase of what i went there for ..It' was around 2 to 2:30 upon reaching the center section of the store i herd these 2 Employee's haveing a little bit of heated discussion This one woman was belittleing and harshly exspressing her opinion's about this other Employee's work ethic's. I felt sorry for this younger woman all she did was Stand there and try to get a word in to defend her self ...

I did take note of the woman's name that was Raising all the fuss her name tag read Carla ..In my opinion this woman need's to be fired or retrained on where and when to speak that way to a employee.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You really should mind your own business. You have absolutely no idea what had went on before you decided to eavesdrop on a conversation that had nothing to do with you.

Being you are so wise, do you know that there should be a comma between Pinehurst and Texas? There should also be an "e" on the end of before and "I" should be capitalized. Why do you have an apostrophe after the word "it?" You "herd" a herd of what type of animal?

The way you spelled it refers to a herd of animals.

There isn't any word spelled "2." Also why would you capitalize the word "employees?" There also isn't a need to have an apostrophe between the "e" and the "s" in the word employees. You have the word "belittling" spelled wrong, as well as the word "expressing." The second time you used the word "employee's," other than the unneeded capitalization, at least you had an apostrophe in it because the way the word is used, it needs the apostrophe.

Actually being you don't know what the reason for the altercation was, your opinion doesn't matter If you think this is the web site for Dollar General you are wrong. You are on a general complaint site.

to anonymous Utica, Mississippi, United States #966121

I'm sure she is aware that this is a general website, but please be advised that companies check these sites to see what people are say just like you're on here. Note that she didn't know what the altercation was about your right it was none of her business; however the fact the Carla would exemplify such behavior in the workplace says enough.

Had Carla handled the matter in a professional manner there would have been no need for the post. And to point out minor typographical errors in such a supercilious way is an indication of guilt.

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