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I visited my area Dollar General and there were no buggies available. The cashier was on the floor behind the register with merchandise.

An empty buggy was by the register, so I asked if I could use it. She hesitated but said yes. It was evident that she wasn't happy about it, though. I shopped and bought more than $50 worth of items and headed to the register.

As I approached the register the cashier took off in the other direction. I couldn't see what she looked like, because she was gone behind the merchandise blocking my view. I heard the cashier and saw as the customer left right as I approached the register. I stood there (at the register) with another customer and looked around for an employee.

We were there for a couple of minutes so I called out, "Hello?", I had to call a few times before an employee approached the area. I asked for a cashier and she replied that she was on her way out and "was off the clock". She yelled out to someone, then came to check me out. The other girl (wearing a tight fitting t-shirt with a french phrase, I don't know what it said) came back to the register and took over the register.

Neither of them said a word to me or cracked a smile. There wasn't any attempt to be courteous. Nothing. I felt as though I inconvenience them.

When I got home I realized I had left my box of flowers on the floor, so I had to go back to the store. The cashier was at the register and unapologetic and unfriendly, as usual. She was acting the same way to the other customers as she checked them out.

My husband went there this morning and spent $25 but left his bread and had to back, as well.

At least his cashier was friendly. He was there at 9:39 am on 3-28-15, and I checked out at 15:50 on 3-27-15. Somebody needs to learn how to treat customers.

By the way, there are people out there who would've walked out the door with a buggy of merchandise if there are NO employees to see them leave. This happened at the Emmanuel Church store in West Columbia, SC

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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There isn't any law that I have heard of that says employees have to smile or even talk. They get paid to serve and that is exactly what the employees were doing.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that you saw fit to yell "hello" several times. Who do you think you are anyway that you can't stand to wait in line for a few minutes. From what you have said in your complaint they must have been changing shifts. Was it necessary to describe what one of the employees was wearing(just because you didn't approve of her clothes)?

The way she was dressed has nothing to do with your complaint. Basically your complaint doesn't make a lot of sense, you spent $50.00 there one day and the next day your husband has to go and buy $25.00 worth of groceries. It sounds like you are both unorganized. Furthermore it is the customers job to make sure they take all their merchandise with them.

This forgetting some of your purchases on two days sounds completely made up.

Don't be too sure that if a person tried to walk out with a cart full of items they wouldn't have been noticed. You have no idea if an employee was lurking somewhere watching what was going on and more than likely there are cameras that are bein g monitored.

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