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I know of a certain employee at store 14439 that damages items like water and such and then puts it in the break room for personal use,takes home silver mats that are used to keep some food items cold in the summer when they were told they weren't allowed to do so. Was told they had to take lunches but wouldn't then stand outside for 30 mins but not clock out.

Closed one night and left top safe open. In a month period would call in at least 5-6 times.on the weekends would make the deposits if she opened only if she had to go to town otherwise it was left in the top safe. Came to work on several occasions with alcohol on their breath.

Lots more to say but tired of typing. Nothing gets resolved at dollar general, well, they pick and choose what policy they want to enforce

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Someone's trying to get their boss fired lol. Like Dollar General reads this website. Pleasssse!


Why don't you mind your own business

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