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One of your employees (Eloise Whitehead) in Winnsboro, La each season hides sales items from public so she and her sister (Julia Kelly) can get them. I think this needs needs to be checked out since she does carry home items she say are free!!!!!!

People like this should not be allowed to work these stores. I will not shop there again because of this incident,It is theft, I will alert all friends of this and you will loose business in this town!

This person needs no employment with your company or any other business as far as I am concerned. I will not shop there again.

Reason of review: employee concern.

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I agree with you that that is wrong. Contact corporate or loss and prevention.

Record it if you have to. People like that don't need to work at dg


Use the Dollar General website - not this one which DG does not monitor.


You need to mind your own business. Or, you could tell the manager or even contact corporate---they have a website.

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